Armored Core: Verdict Day Review [Plus XP]

Plus XP contributor CJ writes about his experience with Armored Core: Verdict Day:

"A musing, an intrigue, a non-review, a frustration, a recommendation. Of sorts.

I’m a Souls nerd, Demon’s & Dark, an addiction that’s well versed within my writing on Plus XP, gobfoolery on the Twin Humanities podcast and wherever I might find an inch to waffle on about the veritable glories of each game.

Of late, I’ve been tempted to venture into a bit of From Software’s history. After yonks of searching I picked up the predecessor to Demon’s Souls – Kings Field IV – on Playstation 2 and found it to be hard as balls. Yet there was a something, something I couldn’t put my finger on that screamed at me to keep playing, keep trying, to come back."

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