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Microsoft: No Xbox 360 price cut with GTA IV

Despite Microsoft reporting last week that the Xbox 360's European sales more than doubled after its price cut last month, the software giant maintained that U.S. gamers should not expect a similar move anytime soon.

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Fighter3857d ago

Will MS get more customers if they get a price cut? They probably might but gamers who don't have a 360 or PS3 might be thinking ahead and with MGS4 almost here they might choose a PS3 so they can play both GTA IV and MGS4. Keep in mind that both consoles are not cheap especially the PS3.

MS should have a price cut now because they won't have an answer for MGS4. Ninja Gaiden 2 will be a great game and will sell tons of copies but in all honesty it's not a system seller so MS needs to pull the trigger now and get as many new gamers as they can before PS3 will dominate June 12 and beyond.

sonarus3857d ago

in EU they were in trouble with sales and acted accordingly with a price cut. In NA their sales are still neck and neck with ps3 so they are fine. If GTA4 doesn't go their way though expect one before MGS4

wass0073856d ago

wow!!! sales are neck and neck and yet no price cut yet by sony

JasonPC360PS3Wii3856d ago

Thats because Sony's used up it's price cuts in the first year. :)

MrBii3857d ago

You thought a pricecut was coming? HOW?

They already waisted their margin of profitability with last pricecut.

Its only idiots and extreme fanboys who somehow thinks that a company can lower the price of their goods unlimited times.

Get with reality. Or youll be one disappointed fellow by the time you hit 40.

SuperSaiyan43857d ago

Oh please you are all bigging the game up like its the coming of the new order. Its only a game just like the 360 has its own games I dont even like MGS games not my thing although Ninja Gaiden is my thing so I am hyped up for that along with Fable 2 as well.

SL1M DADDY3856d ago

Compared to Fable, MGS4 IS the coming of the next order. Sorry, but Fable on the Xbox sold what? 2.5 million units all the while, MGS on an average sold nearly 8 million per game in the series. Let's face it, the games coming for the 360 are good but the lineup for the PS3 is blowing it away this year.

kewlkat0073856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

is at least do the math, PS1 over 100 million user-base, PS2 over 120 million user-base. While I respect the MG series and the Hardcore fans, them numbers are not that SUPER looking at the Ps1/Ps2 install-base bro.
MGS: One - 5-7 million(give or take) - 100 million+ User-base
MGS: Sons of Liberty - 5-7 million(give or take) - 120 Million+ user-base
MGS: Snake Eater - 4-6 million(give or take) - 120 Million+ user-base

PS3 install-base right now is just around 11 million, a small percentage of which were bought for just Blu-Ray players.

Come on, the Original xbox sold like 20 million+. Plus Fable was a decent game. Fable 2 will sell more, I think. for one thing the PS3 doesn't have enough WRpgs.

"Coming of the next Order" is blind hype. The game will sell but it won't be like Halo 3 type numbers this early, in PS3's gen.

Fallen_Angel3856d ago

I hate using vgchartz but its the only place I know that post sells.

MGS2 sold 5.56 million
MGS3 sold 3.96 million

on the ps2 with in install base of 120 million that is less then 0.5% of the players that got it. MGS is a nich game not a system seller. If MGS4 only sells to 0.5 that means it will sell about 500k copies total. Konami said they need to sell over a million copies the 1st day if they are to even think of breaking even on this game.

Fable sold 2.60 million

On a system will less then 25 million user base that over 10% of the player that got it. Out ot the 2 if one was a system seller it be Fable

jkhan3857d ago

Naa I guess, Microsoft is waiting for E3, when Sony announces price cut, then they will announce price cut for US, so they can counter the attack, with 2 exclusive titles, its really hard for Microsoft to tackle Sony this year

Gaystation 33857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Microsoft do not need a price cut.

The 360 is the best value
The 360 has the best games available
The 360 has the best online service

Also Microsoft treat all markets with respect. With better value hardware/software and no games delayed/denied release. As it stands, Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party would treat European/American markets better than Sony.

3857d ago
SickNick853857d ago

No one in europe buy a 360...they sell the 360 for 200 € with GTA4 but no one cares...

in europe and japan the 360 is already dead

the price cut in europe didn't change nothing

people prefer spend 400€ for a good hardware

Qbanboi3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Well, those +50k every week for the Ps3 says otherwise. Even though that it's like 200 cheaper.

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The story is too old to be commented.