Dead Rising 3 Invades SmartGlass

Heading into the development of the Dead Rising 3 SmartGlass app, we were not experts on second-screen development and perhaps that is why the Dead Rising 3 SmartGlass app ended up being what it is.

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MrCastle2030d ago

Bloody excellent! What an innovative way to interact with a game.

abzdine2030d ago

yeah cool integration. the phone rings in the middle of the night to ask you to go exterminate zombies :)

HugoDrax2030d ago

Interesting, I'll definitely be checking this feature out with my iPhone and iPad. I'm intrigued by the second screen experiences for next gen.

swerve1212030d ago

Only on XB1. Game changing experince

Deadpoolio2030d ago ShowReplies(5)
IRNMUNKEY2030d ago

Think I'll have to get this now. Sounds really cool. I hope they Battlefield 4 smartglass stuff is good as well.