Fallout 4 Announcement Coming At This Years VGA’s?

Recently, Spike’s Video Game Awards have become a center stage for game developers to show off their next big game announcement. If you take a look at the past few VGAs, you won’t help but notice that several blockbuster games like The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and a ton of other games were first revealed at the popular awards ceremony.

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Crossbones2023d ago

Please God, let this be true.

Crazyglues2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Yes Please, and Nex Gen Please....

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kipsta2023d ago

I think its a given it will be on nextgen.

I'd rather get it on PC though.

0ut1awed2023d ago

For sure Kipsta.

The mods for Fallout 3 and New Vegas were nothing short of amazing.

GarrusVakarian2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

This is going to be my reaction if they announce Fallout 4 at the VGA's:

Killjoy30002023d ago

VGA's is the new E3 when it comes to exciting announcements.

2023d ago
GraveLord2022d ago

Not much of a Fallout fan, but I'm interested to see what it looks like.

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ifritAlkhemyst2023d ago

Yes! I can't wait to explore 100 cut and paste dungeons populated by the same handful of enemies regardless of their location. I can't wait for an infinite number of randomly generated fetch quests. I can't wait for that realization 5 hours in that there really is no point to exploring in a Bethesda game, since every house is devoid of character, lore, or purpose.

Hey Bethesda, hire the guy who writes the one or two good quests in each of your games and fire the guy who writes the rest.

ELpork2023d ago

You didn't play Skyrim did you?...

ifritAlkhemyst2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I own and have played every Bethesda game back to and beyond the Terminator stuff. I buy them cheap, because I'm waiting for them to actually fulfill the potential of their series. Sadly, they seem more interested in making things larger and emptier than making any improvements.

mkis0072023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I love them for a few weeks but he is kinda accurate. New vegas was by far the best bethesda game....and it was made by obsideon. They need to stop worrying about sizes and go for content. Not to say they don't have content...But a lot of it is the same. The bugs ruin their games...they don't handcraft each area. Makein sure each place you visit has a purpose. They still never fixed the problem of way to little voice actors.

jocomat92023d ago

@mkis007 i strongly disagree. I have platted both fallout 3 %100 all dlc and new vegas. And i didn't get the FNV dlc trophies. You want to know why. Because They were boring and you can tell they rushed and thrown in. Same with with the base game. Fallout3 was better because it had way more memorable missions. New vegas had little better gameplay but missions were empty and less memorable.

Blacktric2023d ago

"Fallout3 was better because it had way more memorable missions."

jocomat92023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Blacktric Haha really? Blowing up megaton, killing tenpenny, alien dlc, chinese stealth suit nuka cola quantums to sunsparilla caps? really? Let me guess you must of played new vegas first. yet fallout 3 has better score on metacritic and GOTY even though NV has improved gameplay. So if it wasn't the gamplay that made FO3 better must of been the quality content then. Yeah Im right.

NukaCola2023d ago


Don't hate NV. Both are amazing. FO3 had the campaign but undeniably New Vegas felt deep and just as amazing.

Blacktric2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

"Let me guess you must of played new vegas first."

Bought and played Fallout 3 on release day. Same goes for New Vegas.

"yet fallout 3 has better score on metacritic and GOTY"

Maybe I shouldn't even bother replying, considering you are going for the "hurr durr metacritic score is higher" shtick that only some mindless fanboys love to rely on. But here it goes...

Save for the big chunks of the main questline, New Vegas had both better and more quests. If you include the post Dead Money DLCs, the superiorty becomes even more apparent. In 3, the final stretch of the main quest becomes pathetically methodical. In New Vegas, you have branching storylines of different factions that leads to different endings. Yet you are sitting there, telling me that "convincing a sophisticated AI to destroy itself by just talking" was more memorable than helping an isolated community of ex-vault dwellers, that has enough firepower to destroy half of Mojave, to unearth a bomber plane that they'll later use to help you during final battle or removing Caesar's tumor and then having the option to sell him one of your companions to be his personal doctor/slave.

Side quest wise, New Vegas is also superior. You have wacky quests like "Come Fly With Me", "There Stands the Grass" and "That Lucky Old Sun" or quests with over arching stories like Return To Sender that can take more than an hour to complete if you haven't discovered some of the locations. And these are all in the core game. With DLCs (especially with Old World Blues, which is considered to be the best Fallout DLC by many people while Mothership Zeta is loathed for many reasons including having a god awful level design and raping the lore of original two games) you get even more variety.

Add the fact that New Vegas having bigger level cap, more and varied weapons, weapon mods, streamlined skill system, explorable vaults that are designed to have completely different feelings and stories of their own that can be discovered, exploration that is not reliant on copy pasted metro tunnels and much more morally ambigious quests, you'll see which game has the better quests and was also the better game overall. Or not, considering you've already proclaimed yourself as being "right".

Edit: As a side note; blowing up Megaton was used as a marketing gimmick to trick people into believing that the game was going to have morally amibigous quests that'd let the player change the course of the game, much like in Fallout 1-2. In the actual game, blowing up Megaton is one of the stupidest things you can do since it's one of the few big towns the game has and since it has no effect on the ending or anything else that matters really. Dad mentions it at the final stretch of the main questline and then drops it completelyi destruction gets mention in mundane NPC conversations and Moira becomes a ghoul. That's literally it.

jocomat92023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Blacktric weird. Cause if new vegas did have a better storyline or quality missions that made it more memorable then Fo3 then it should have got around the same score or better. especially since the gameplay mechanics were improved greatly over FO3. But right now we can only argue our opinion but mine is more supported by reviews on metacritic. (which is a collection of opinions.)So your the minority. True the plane mission was a good mission. Remember starting out as a baby in FO 3 though?Behemoths, bobbleheads? You like NV better i like FO 3 better. Both r great.

gaffyh2023d ago

I agree with jocomat9, Fallout 3 was a much better game, better story and less buggy. But New Vegas was also very good. Hopefully this rumor is true.

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MizTv2023d ago

Hope they clean the game up
3 was a good game but a damn bug fest

0ut1awed2023d ago

While I don't agree with your statement, It sounds like you need to invest your time in some mods.

People put some really good time into all sorts of things including completely custom, innovative, and simply awesome quest that even have complete voicework included.

unjust752022d ago

Exactly, but skyrims not like that. Too bad they won't reveal Skyrim 2. I'd much rather have that. Fallout story kinda boring.

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Destrania2023d ago

A next-gen Fallout would be nice for sure.

JunioRS1012023d ago

it's definitely time, that's for sure.

MattyG2023d ago

This isn't even a rumor. It's just "well, they've announced things there before and it's been a while since we saw a Fallout game, so maybe. Now give me clicks". Way to get my hopes up.

nope1112023d ago

I will eat my boxers if true... I seriously hope the Boston rumor is legit, such a great setting for a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Massachusetts was also reference in Fallout 3 several times too.

obelix012023d ago

I'd like to see NYC. But hell with the size of content next gen systems are capable of why not two major cites?

nope1112023d ago

As a proud New Yorker, i completely agree. Post-apocalyptic NYC would be amazing. Oh those subway tunnels and skyscrapers. hnnnng

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