Microsoft: Lots of Opportunities to Customize Xbox One

Few days ago we had reported that Xbox One will have few limitation when it came to the customizing the console. Now the head designer Carl Ledbetter noted that the company did take customizations into consideration when it began designing the final look of the Xbox One during an interview with Polygon this week.

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UnrealThreats2028d ago

In my opinion the white version looks pretty terrible. Cant imagine how screwed up the xbone would look if it was red. xD

Daves2028d ago

'Red and green should never be seen, except upon an Irish queen.'


PeaSFor2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

but....can we customize it to allow 1080p native games on it? thats the question.

HammadTheBeast2028d ago

Give it a rest PeaSfor, there's no reason to kick it while it's down.

We can all decide in 11-26 days.

UltimateMaster2028d ago

Microsoft: Lots of Opportunities to Customize Xbox One *the Exterior.

Not the Interior "meaning the OS" It will stay green. Unless they've changed their minds about it.

armour19972028d ago

well i don't know, i think the white version looked good. It might be that black fits into most decors in the house. Thats why black might be just a bit better.

Eonjay2028d ago

I think it would look great in glossy green.

4logpc2028d ago

I saw the console in person. I have to say it is one sexy piece of hardware.

Pictures make it look like a glossy mses similar to the OG PS3 and the original Xbox 360 S. The finish on the Xbox One is freaking nice, and doesnt look at all like the pictures show.

Hufandpuf2028d ago

I think it looks good, but just like my 360 I tend to only look at it as I put my games in, other than that my attention is on the screen or somewhere else.

wtopez2028d ago

Can you add a second after market AMD GPU? Cause that seems to be what the X1 needs the most.

vigilante_man2028d ago

Who needs that when you have secret sauce and the cloud?

*People do know we are joking, right?

kayoss2028d ago

You'll be suprised. This site is divided by the Sony fans and Microsoft fans. Talk bad about either even if you were joking, it can get real quick.
I think its hard to have a different color for the x1 because that neon green "x" on the box. Not alot of colors compliment green.

MRMagoo1232028d ago

yes it may be joking but you will stir up the xbone fans, i know i would be really disappointed if it was the ps4 doing 720p and stuff , probably enough to switch to the other side imo , so lets not bring it up and get ppl fighting again.

Visiblemarc2028d ago

Yeah but sometimes xbox fans act like we're attacking them when we're actually defending them. I don't want anyone to get ripped off, especially families without a lot of money and young people. My protestations about xb1 performance aren't a "Ha! I told you so!" At gamers...I love gamers. Rather, I feel angry for these people for being mistreated for their loyalty.

Actually as annoying as MS can be I don't even want them to fail. The gaming industry needs competition, it's good for everyone. What I do want though, is for them to stop jerking people around and the best way to accomplish that is to vote with your dollars.

JasonKCK2028d ago

This site is infested with trolls. It's like cockroaches left unchecked.

jackanderson19852028d ago

are people really that fussed about the design of a box.... i must be in a serious minority ha i've a tower beside my tv so i can switch between my consoles (original 360 and fat ps3 with a white wii u aswell) and the pc.... i wouldn't give a toss if it was only released in pink, it'll be in my house under my tv, i won't be bringing it out with me to nightclubs or anything

Visiblemarc2028d ago

You're nuts! Me and my Dreamcast have been clubbing together for almost 15 years. He so crazy!

jackanderson19852028d ago

and make the SNES jealous? are you mad? last time i even looked at the sega mega, SNES nearly cut off my ear

Tctczach2028d ago

The box will evolve and we know it will. Sleeker design, bigger storage and and different collectors editions.

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The story is too old to be commented.