Review: Skylanders: Swap Force (DarkZero)

"It’s crazy to think that a new series from Activision, which was using the Spyro name as a way to bump interest in the game, has become so huge in so little time, to the point it’s eclipsed everything else in UK video game sales apart from Call of Duty and FIFA. The Spyro name seems a thing of the past now that Skylanders has become its own giant, raking in millions of pounds for Activision. Now in its third year, the Skylanders franchise is ready to make kids go crazy all over again with a new game that comes with a fresh idea that requires a different starter kit to obtain the new portal stone, and plenty of new toys to buy and play in the world of Skylanders: Swap Force. With Disney jumping in on the video game toy interaction with Disney Infinity, can Skylanders fend off the new kid on the block by making the series better with this latest release?"

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