Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Review | NZGamer

NZG - "At E3 in June I was lucky enough to have an advance viewing of AC4 in the Ubisoft booth. As a rabid fan of the franchise, this was the title I was most looking forward to getting a look at while I was E3, and I wasn’t disappointed."

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xPhearR3dx2026d ago

Assassins Creed is probably the only annual game I can't stop getting year after year. The last one that really amazed me was Brotherhood, but I always enjoy myself with them. Hopefully AC IV on PS4 will bring some life back into the series.

sdozzo2026d ago

I red boxed AC3 for about five total hours. Should I pick it up again and finish it before jumping into AC4?

Plagasx2026d ago

No, don't bother. Just watch the ending of AC3 on Youtube or something.

xPhearR3dx2025d ago

5 hours? So you maybe made it past the intro where you become an Assassin? lol

The events leading up to the game where you actually play with Connor as an assassin is WAY too drawn out. It gets better afterwards, but you won't need to finish it to enjoy AC4.

2026d ago