Should Online Multiplayer Trophies Be Mandatory to Achieve a Platinum Trophy?

Angie Santiago of SpawnFirst discusses why she believes online-only trophies are unfair to some players.

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-Foxtrot2027d ago

Nope...because most of them take the p***

Like we all have that much free time in our lifes for most of those online trophies. One could be only a bronze and even then it would take you ages to get.

BuddyAcker2027d ago

Yeah, I hate mulitplayer trophies that are like "Kill 500 enemies with grenades - Bronze"

Gster2027d ago

I know some of them can be real tedious long drawn out grinder trophies, but I think developers in general are getting the hint that most gamers don't favour these types of trophies.

I think they should introduce 2 Platinums per game, where multiplayer is included. Say you had one Platinum for all trophies achieved in single player only, and a second platinum (a more brightly glowing one) for all trophies achieved in both single and multiplayer.

That would give both types of gamers/trophy hunters something to strive for. Those who just prefer just the single player aspect of the game and those who enjoy both single and multiplayer.

metsgaming2027d ago

TLOU mp trophies ruined any chance of a platinum i didnt even bother to try. If that wasnt there i would have played the sp on the higher difficult for the other trophies to earn the platinum.
Even if they were easy like 10 kills or win a match i dont think they should be in there. Some point the game wont have anyone playing it thus making getting the platinum impossible.

serratos272027d ago

I've heard complaints about those repetitive type trophies on GTA. Having to fly under 50 bridges or the stunts lol. It's not worth it! Because it just takes so much time for a single trophy.

Azmatik2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Thats a tough one to decide. I have 20+ plats and all of them are hard to get i dont get no kiddie plats, but some like resistance have the trophy to kill 10,000 enemies WTF! So i was never able to get that plat because i dont have that much time. But then theres games like KZ2 where u have to get in the top 1% of the leaderboard in the week to get the trophy and because of that i feel i did earn my KZ plat where as if someone didnt do the online and got the plat id feel ripped off because clearly i deserve it more if i got the online one right? Its definatly mixed feelings. Over all id say keep the online trophys needed to get a platinum but stop making most of them so rediculous! Or make it so theres some sort of SP only plat and MP only plat or something but doesnt count as 2 plats in ur profile. Something along those lines you get my drift?

BuddyAcker2027d ago

Gster - That's a great idea.

serratos27 - Also, flying in GTA games is sooo damn tedious to begin with.

kreate2026d ago

All trophies should follow the format of fallout3.

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PoSTedUP2027d ago

i agree. but if a game is good ill play it or replay it, how i want. really not gonna grind through a game just to get some troyphies. there are too many games to play and on top of trying to play them all with 100% trophies you have to have some serious down time. but i do think its cool that they pop up from time to time and some of them can be pretty funny.

AusRogo2027d ago

F***ing Tomb Raider.. man I love that game but the online sucks balls. I only go for platinum on games that really get me going back for more, but some multiplayer trophies are stupid. In BF4 its the other way around, nearly all trophies are single player! I loved how most trophies were online in BF3, because I got it for multiplayer (still went through campaign though)

kneon2027d ago

Tomb raider might be my pick for all time worst multi-player. The spawn points and spawn camping are horrendous. And it's the only game I've ever encountered that allows you to gain experience and money in a private match with no other players.

Insomnia_842027d ago

There's only one trophy holding me back from Paltinum on BF3 and it's on of the co-op missions, the sniper mission.

jukins2027d ago

isnt playing a game the very definition of free time? If its a game that typically has multiplayer then yes they should be mandatory for those that care. But honestly is a notification that you did something and a higher gamerscore or level all that important. Just play the damn game.

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_QQ_2027d ago

yes, because you don't deserve to be called a platinum level player untill you masterd the entire game.

Nitrowolf22027d ago

yep, because I sure as hell want to play a game with broken Online. What about the kill trophy in Resistance 2? Or what abotu the stupid 6 month later trophy in Crysis 2? U probably forgot the /S, but it's still BS they make trophies liek that

kneon2027d ago

There should be 2 separate platinum's, one for single player and another for multi-player. That should make everyone happy.

stavrami2027d ago

no online trophies suck

willie322027d ago

Uncharted 2 did their online trophies perfectly. They required you to try the two modes.

stavrami2027d ago

It might be just have a go but even that is to much.I like to avoid mp on some games just makes the plat uninterestin and boring far cry 3 and tomb raider Im Talking to you

Malice-Flare2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

nope... multi-player tropies should be a separate Platinum or 1000G...

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