Madden 25 Next Gen Exclusive PS4 Gameplay - The Prototype

OS:QJB checks in with his final Madden NFL 25 next-gen video. Hopefully EA Sports will start showing true gameplay on a standard camera angle this week.

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UnrealThreats3915d ago

Is it just me or does this trailer look pretty terrible compared to NBA 2K14's Next-Gen trailer?

NYC_Gamer3915d ago

EA doesn't know how to develop realistic sports games in terms gameplay or player models

FamilyGuy3914d ago

LOL, it's funny how they're all zooming showing his hair as if it were some crown jewel when it doesn't even look that good.

Aside from that it doesn't look bad, just not as good as some other games. The grass/astroturf looks pretty good though

badboy7763914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Microsoft is in Bed with the NFL & EA so no NFL 2k!

jonboi243915d ago

most launch games look bad when compared to NBA 2k14

TrueJerseyDevil3914d ago

too bad NBA 2K is only good on graphics, gameplay is exactly the same as the awful current gen version

Bathyj3914d ago

Its looks weird. All the football players wear these big shoulder pad and motorbike helmets. Its freaking me out.

P0werVR3914d ago

That freaking you out, freaks me out!

FamilyGuy3914d ago

Lol, american football is a dangers sport. Some of these guys can bench 700Lbs! You really wouldn't want to get tackled by one, especially without protection.

3914d ago
thehitman3914d ago

I dont know where the criticism is coming from I think madden 25 looks really good. The animations look well done and comparing a football game that has 22 men on field at a time to a basketball game that has 10 is kind of apples to oranges. You have bigger fields environments and just a lot more things going on at one time.

PsylentKiller3914d ago

The problem is Madden has no competition. 2K needs to find a way around all the legal stuff to be able to bring back their great football games.

iceman063914d ago

The animations are OKAY. I wouldn't say that they are well done. However, these are legacy issues with the fact that they keep adding on to an engine that is beyond it's years. The foot planting and stuff is cool. But, it still looks a bit stiff and robotic. (looking at the entire player) This is all trivial if they keep the other legacy stuff in that has been a thorn in the side of many football gamers. I really, really want them to finally get it all right in one sweet game. It seems like every time they get something right, they screw the pooch on something else. PsylentKiller is correct in saying that competition would have made this a much better game by now.

solid_snake36563914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

I wish Sony could make an exclusive NFL game for PS4, like they do with mlb the show

Dmagic3914d ago

its just you. it looked great and will look better when you actually see it on your screen in 60fps dont be stupid guys.

Mookie3914d ago

It's not a trailer and why are you comparing a football game to a basketball game.

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johny53915d ago

EA is like Activision for sports games.

mediate-this3914d ago

I cannot bring my self to play any madden, will not can not, last football game i played was nfl 2k5, that was amazing. I just get angry inside knowing ea would have lost the battle if nfl2k6 came out. The first time i seen a corporation shook from competition.

Pogue19063914d ago

i tell people about that 2k football all the time. the graphics was amazing. the last version of it was only $20 bucks

GusBricker3914d ago

Who in the blue hell is Bridges?

Cuz he's definitely not on the Colts. lol

Steezo3914d ago

It's the YouTube commentator who uploaded the video's created player.

PS4isKing_823914d ago

I remember being in awe the first time I saw madden on ps2 in 2000. Im not seeing that at all for ps4 madden. It looks so underwhelming which is weird for a next gen ea sports title.

iceman063914d ago

^^THIS^^ It was the first game that I put in the system. The intro from Madden 2001 got me hyped. Then, the graphics that really, really took that "next-gen" leap. I was literally in awe of the look. The funny thing is, if you look at the graphics then and now, they have not changed so drastically. Sure, they have gotten much better and sharper. But, I wouldn't say it was the same change from PS1 to PS2 era.