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It’s simple: if you enjoyed Battlefield 3 enough to want more of it, here you are. This is an excellent upgrade with some new features and excellent maps that really show off DICE’s technical prowess. If you’re tired of BF3, or have a principle against sequels that don’t change much, you may want to skip this one.

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venom062028d ago

"sequels that don’t change much??".... another stupid, P.O.S useless so called review.. Oh and we read your CoD reviews fat boy. You reek of fanboy.... GTFO..

daftpunkfan2028d ago

Chesley has not reviewed a Call of Duty game on the site.

Neixus2028d ago

That segment of the review contradicts the whole game. If you've played bf3 lots of hours / til you're tired of it. You will notice how much bf4 has changed compared to bf3.

Where as a bf3 player with maybe around 10-20 hours won't notice much diffrence.

GuyThatPlaysGames2028d ago

I enjoy both games. I prefer the quick pickup-and-play of CoD but if I have the extra time (to play the lengthy BF matches) then I'll play BF. Each game has it's own good and bad things as well. I'll still prefer CoD as my go-to game but each game is still gonna be great!