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Call of Duty, the series that continues to break it’s own day one sales each year is just around the corner. On November 5, 2013 the game will finally launch for PC, PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360. Sales aside, Call of Duty: Ghosts has once again provided us with an amazing, cinematic campaign experience that engulfs you into the world. While the multiplayer is as addicting as it has always been, bringing the explosive chaos online to the similar multiplayer experience that Call of Duty has always been known for.

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xHoii2027d ago

Had 3 days with the game, it's actually great, with one huge dissapointment, the outdated engine, at times the game just looks ugly.
Other than that this game is different believe it or not, but I do believe that many won't like the changes.
The maps in this game are HUGE, some are bigger than the biggest maps in cod by 3 or 4 times.
But the map desing is actually quite good. It seems like both BF and COD are really trying to be similar to each other.
Other notable changes are the leveling up system, OMG does it take long to level up, by now I would have prestiged in a previous cod yet in this one am only level 18.
Rumor is we are only getting 25% score of what we should get on tuesday.
Anyone intrested or have a particular question to ask then reply or PM me I will happily answer it:)

Duskbit2027d ago

Thanks for the comment! What platform are you playing it on?

Adolf1232027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

People forget that this game runs at 60 FPS! Which is a very rare thing on currentgen. Why do you think does Cod still such a old engine? Activision is smart, nothing else.

Kingthrash3602027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

6v6 tho ..people get pissed at the vita for having 4v4. cod its all good to have 6v6?
vita= handheld
ps3/360= consoles
vita= carts
ps3/360= bluray/cd
just sad to see people let it slide on consoles but bombard the vita.

andibandit2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I heard lots of people complain about max 6vs6, thinking about skipping the game myself

Anyways i think alot of people arent even aware and shits gonna fly when they find out

Majin-vegeta2027d ago

People think the hit detection is good for now wait until everyone goes online then its same sh*t again.

GezForce2027d ago

Is the game worth getting if your only interested in the single player campaign? how does it compare to others in the series. Personally blackops2 and cod4 modern warfare were my favourites.

xHoii2027d ago

I played all of call of dutys twice. Personally this is my favorite single player of all... If you found your past purchases of cods to be worth it for the single player then this will be the same, it is worth it.. but it was up to me, I wouldn't pay 40 pounds or 60 dollars for an 6/8 hour campaign..
I pay and get it early because I'm into competitive play and this time round there's clan vs clan which is great, one of the camos actually mentioned that there is division's, ie bronze silver gold plat etc.. and no one knows that yet and I've never read an article about it..
Like I said the mp feels great atm.
And just to let you know I HATED MW3 BOTH SINGLE PLAYER AND MP.
This is 100x better.

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Wni02027d ago

Are there any standout moments in the campaign? Or on the other end - any bad parts?

Duskbit2027d ago

There are, but they would be massive spoilers in the game, so if you are okay with the spoilers, just message me and I'll tell you about it.

Wni02027d ago

Well, I dont really know N4Gs layout all that great.

In terms of gameplay, I should have said, like "All Ghillied Up," from CoD4 had easily some of the most exciting gameplay I've seen in a military shooter, on the other side a lot of Call of Duty's mission structure fall back on, (heres a shooting gallery, heres another.) Just wondering if its worth a rent in that regard. Sorry to bother you.

JessiePinkmanYo2027d ago

Nice-I'll be playing it on X1, but my sports games and anything non FPS on PS4. If X1 is the nightmare these rumors poise it to be, well I guess I'll jump ship then.

JessiePinkmanYo2027d ago

DuskBit-how or (does) the dog fit into multiplayer? Also in multiplayer, anything notably different? Is the support streak back?

Rezka2027d ago

All the strike packages are back

Duskbit2027d ago

Support Streaks are back.

MP is more of the same, not to say it's a bad thing, but it's standard COD with slight alterations.

The dog is a 5 kill streak reward.

mafiahajeri2027d ago

First time since the original cod I won't be buying a cod game. It feels good I'm done with their craptastic game...

PsylentKiller2027d ago

I am hoping that many other gamers do the same and the. We can break the spell that CoD has cast. Too bad Titanfall isn't releasing on launch day or Destiny for that matter. I think CoD is going to blame the low sales on the new consoles but they will see diminishing sales in the following years. Their engine is outdated by several years. If they don't adopt a new, revolutionary engine their days are numbered.
Unfortunately, I cannot practice what I preach as I am one of those who say "this is the last time CoD gets my money".

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