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'The Dark Knight has come a long way since the days of the first Batman games. It had gotten so bad that any fans of the character were thankful for even a mediocre game. Thankfully, 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum changed everything for both Batman and comic-based games in general. Both it and its follow-up, Arkham City, are considered by many to be two of the best superhero games around.'

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Software_Lover2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I just dont understand how COD can just change the story and get 9's and 10's.

I like COD, but it gets away with murder while other games get murdered.

ZombieKiller2023d ago

@Software: I agree with you. If it strayed too far from the formula, they would curse this for not being an Arkham game. ESPECIALLY with a new studio behind the helm. Yet COD is the same game every year and it gets 9's.
People need to listen to developer diaries alot more. They stated that they were not changing things, yet sugically implementing certain elements into it's existing form. Having said that, I think it's a better idea to play all 3 games, and rate this game for the things it DOES add. The games combat and navigation should be a staple for action games. Not saying I want to see Solid Snake grapnel boost off a ledge BUT I would love a Turtles game with freeflow combat done right for example.
Things this game added to a game that was already a 9 IMO
-A playground TWICE the size of Arkham City (with hardware limitations and lack of loading I honestly didn't this could be done while maintaining those graphics!)
-The added enemies: This switches up the combat in an awesome way. **SPOILERS** The Venom users, the martial artists, the shock gloves, they all add and change up the combat formula without sacrificing too much change.
-the story: I LOVED IT! It was amazing and better than both Arkham games! I feel like the character interaction was amazing, not to mention the characters themselves being closer to their comic book counter-parts.
-THE BOSS FIGHTS: Whether it be Deathstroke, Bane or even a small fisticuffs with the Joker, each of them were unique in their own way and were stenciled from the Freeze fight in the last game. Each boss fight uniqely took a mechanic from the game and implimented it into the fight itself cleverly creating a test of what you knew about the game. Nothing out of the ordinary, yet worked beautifully for this game IMO.

This game definitely stands on it's own merits in some ways while still using the mechanics of the old game. I think the mix of the two is very well done and this game deserves NOTHING short of an 8.5/10

Cherchez La Ghost2023d ago

Deathstroke is a pain-in-the-ass on hard.

ZombieKiller2023d ago

Use the slowdown to judge when the attack comes! The game will dramatically freeze like it always does right before his attack! Have patience my friend! You got this.