Xbox on Facebook

Do you like social networking sites where you can get poked, shot with super-powers, or asked to fight against Zombies in addition to being in touch with your friends?
Well, have we got a treat for you!

The Xbox has a Facebook page! If you are on "the Facebook" you can sign up and become a fan of the Xbox, sign up for the newsletter, get some wallpapers, write on our wall, watch some videos, or join a discussion.

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White-Sharingan3855d ago


if sony would of thought about this too.........oh wait

where is nintendo's announcement? lmao

Darkiewonder3855d ago

It's great to have a place for 360 users to come together and talk about how great the system is compared to the other competition. at least we'll be able to talk about games and everything worth talking about rather than when the next blu-ray movie release lol

Andronix3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Monkey see, Monkey do!
Look, I know all the big 3 companies get inspired from each other.
But today Sony announce a PlayStation page on Facebook, and within hours Microsoft are inspired to do the same thing.

They are basically playing an immature game of catch-up, and saying "anything you can do, we can copy."

How did they not think of it before? It shows bad management and indicates a lack of their own direction and vision.

wass0073855d ago

hmmmmmm am sure Sony did this like yesterday so you guys just copy like usual

1.) Home Button
2.) HDMI
3.) Xbox Live Vision (Playstation Eye)
4.) Dell's Computer lmao!!
5.) Wii Motion Sensor
6.) Make Facebook Page Like Sony

sandip7873855d ago

lmao, i can go on facebook via my ps3s browser.

ben8063855d ago

sonys facebook page will be having an open beta in spring 07

The Lazy One3855d ago

Is this an official M$ facebook page, or is it a fan made one. I think having a facebook app that linked your GT would be pretty nifty tbh.