IronFall For the 3DS Looks Incredible

GaminRealm: "VD Dev is a small indie developer that many of you may never even heard of, but currently they are working on a brand new shooter for the 3DS titled "Iron Fall". IronFall was a previously announced 3rd-person shooter game that has finally be unveiled for the first time in a new tech demo video."

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GreenRanger2787d ago

Titanfall, Shadow Fall, IronFall...

So many things falling these days. Heck, I even fell down the stairs last night.

TheRealTedCruz2787d ago

Tech looks good for a 3DS game, but it seems it will amount to little more than a Gears of War clone.

Blacklash932787d ago

Well, hopefully it's a good Gears of War clone.