Right Now is the Perfect Time to be a PS3 Owner

Junkie Monkeys: It seems like it was just yesterday that I dished out over $600 for my PlayStation 3 console. Over the years we have seen the PS3 go from underdog, to delivering some of the best game experiences this generation. With the PlayStation 4 approaching fast, there is still time to enjoy everything the PlayStation 3 has to offer, and it’s the perfect time to do so.

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PDW2024d ago

I got PKZ. #BodyBag

fOrlOnhOpe572024d ago

I still have a great backlist to work through and GT6 to look forward to yet on PS3. There's still plenty of life and support to come for the PS3 alongside PS4.

miyamoto2024d ago

Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs this holiday season. Can't miss that game.

DualWielding2024d ago

Kingdom Hearts 2.5. HD Remix,best reasons to own a ps3 in 2014