Crispy Gamer: Unreal Tournament III Preview - Can the 360 version live up to the Unreal expectation of the PS3 and PC versions?

Crispy Gamer writes: "We've known for a while that Unreal Tournament III would land on the Xbox 360, but in what form was unknown. At Midway's recent Gamers' Day, Epic Games' Mark Rein revealed what will be included in the Xbox 360 package. Xbox 360 owners will get five new multiplayer maps, two new characters and two-player split-screen play. While gamers who already own the PlayStation 3 or PC version don't really need to sell off their copy of the game in favor of the Xbox 360 version (unless they're Achievement whores), Xbox 360 gamers will have yet another top-notch first-person shooter experience to add to their arsenal later this year."

-An impressive FPS that has a wealth of features

-Little exclusive content
-User-created content possibilities unknown

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