Price explains Resistance online

Despite being one of the best-looking titles for the PlayStation 3 at launch (unless you're Ridge Racer 7 fetishist Tom, it's between this and MotorStorm really), Insomniac Games' Resistance: Fall of Man will not be integrated with the console's online functionality, specifically the built-in buddy list - instead, it will use its own buddy list, clan management system, and so on.

That's according to Insomniac boss Ted Price, who was speaking to Eurogamer's Rob Fahey earlier this week in an interview for the ThreeSpeech blog. While the decision to make the game run its own buddy list and so on is a blow to Sony's claims of an integrated online service - and in fact, it harks back to the bad old days of the PS2 online system - Price apparently left the door open for the possibility that the two systems could be reconciled in future, saying that "it is definitely possible to update the game via online."

At least the news about the rest of the game's online functions is more positive. According to Price, the game supports four player split screen, and up to 40 players online - with games being hosted on Sony's own servers for low-latency play.

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power of Green 4460d ago

40 players! how fun is that going to be. Fragfest city. At least you can choose less than 40 players so the games actually fun not to mention it would allow tactics and skill with less online.

sjappie4460d ago

I think it will be more like Lagfest city, just wait and see.

x440Magnumx4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

Except Motorstorm isn't a launch title. That really sucks....looks like it'll be a big inconvenience to play with friends in other games. And this is for the biggest game yet....hopefully sony gets it all under control....

This makes it look like Sony's system is difficult for devs to work with, or just not worth messing around with....

THE TRUTH4460d ago

Spoken like someone with first hand experience with this game!

Seems everyone who has played this game online has nothing but praises! Of course you can set up whatever # of players you want, and have the choice of 4player split screen. Choices, choices, isn't that what makes 360 so great?

Insomanic us truly making its way towards legendary status! They put in the time work and research to make amazing games with us gamers in mind! They are extremely talented and origional I can't wait to see what they do with the next rachet and clank!

EnforcerOfTheTruth4460d ago

Boy you must be kidding, more players have nothing to do that there is less tactic. You obviously never played BF 2 with 64 players on PC, otherwise you wouldn't talk such ridiculous smack. Your holy GOW with just 8vs8 is a joke compared to that.

Smellslikepie4460d ago

360 can't do 40 players? Ever read about Huxley? A FPS that supports 200 players?

I think that owns Resistance. 40 players? Let's see the PS3 do 200 :P

HyperBear4460d ago

and RFOM only has 40, and all you 360 fanboys are saying it'll lag so much and you dont need 40, and 40 players suck anyways, then wouldnt 200 players have 5 times the lag, 5 times the boredum, 5 times the suckiness of RFOM?, you guys dont make any sense. "Oh 40 Players online really sucks anyways, but 200 is alright". LOL

Optimus Prime4460d ago

well you have fun with a 40 vs 40 game that has lag, because i am sure it will, i am fine with 8 vs 8

eques judicii4460d ago

umm... huxley supports up to 5000 players per servers... afterall, its an mmo

CG4459d ago

GOW is a TACTICAL shooter moran having 24 or 40 players online would defeat the whole point and design of the game you stupid fool.

sjappie4459d ago

that Xbox 360 has xbox live wich will probably handle it better than the free(crappy) online service from ps. And I can know since I played all 3 socoms online only to be frustated by the lagfest.The online part of ps is looking to be the same crap.

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