Will Destiny unfold in sub-1080p on the Xbox One?

It appears that the constant spree of bad news associated with the Xbox One simply won’t come to a halt. The recent news of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 both operating at a native resolution of 720p on the console has come as a disappointment to many next-gen enthusiasts. Developers of multiplatform titles are currently experiencing difficulty in maintaining parity between the next-gen console versions of their games.

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Raiz1905d ago

wow another site with an anonymous source, where are n4g moderators now

Snookies121905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Yeah, this shouldn't even be an article. Some guy saying it's "evident to him". Who the heck cares? If it's confirmed to be sub 1080p, then fine that's news worthy. This? Nah.

Speculating that it could be is okay, considering some other games are already running lower than 1080p. Yet even the anonymous tester said he wasn't an expert on the matter.

Either way, I'll probably be picking this up on PS4. Considering most of my friends will have one. Hope the game turns out great regardless!

GarrusVakarian1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Although i do agree with you guys that this isn't news, it isn't labelled as such either, its been labelled as a rumour and i guess we should treat as such until confirmed otherwise. No one is saying this is fact.

1080p or not, this game looks awesome. Bungie + bad game is a combo that doesn't exist in my opinion.

Software_Lover1905d ago

rumor blogs should not be listed on N4G at all, unless they come from reputable agencies, IGN, Gamespot, etc. Even then they should be taken as a grain of salt.

Anyone can make a blog with wordpress or weebly, or whatever, and start a rumor, post it on N4G.

Angeljuice1905d ago

When you type n4g into google it says "gaming news and rumours", its perfectly ok to publish rumours alongside news articles here. I don't know why people have such a problem understanding this.

amiga-man1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Why would anyone dismiss this? rumour or not, reputable source or not the fact Cod runs at 720p on the xbox points very much to Destiny doing the same since it will be trying to do a lot more.

If I were a betting man I would have bet on it being 720p on the one, even without this rumour.

shoddy1905d ago

If Titan Fall wich is said to be xbone greatest game run at 720p then no surprise Destiny will be the same.

vigilante_man1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Here's my truth:

With BF4, COD and other games showing more grunt for the PS4 - all multi-platform games will have to follow suit in the short term.

We know PS4 has more raw power and is easier to develop for. We suspect it may always have more power than XB1 due to its GPU and unified GDDR5 - time will tell.

If games such as Destiny try to enforce parity they will be called out and lose sales on the PS4 because other developers have done what we all thought they would not do - that is use each console to its current infancy maximum performance.

I have a sneaking suspicion that all, if not most multi-platform games will get better performance/res/fps for PS4. The trick for MS is to create great games for XB1 that look amazing and not to upscale everything that looks iffy compared to PS4.

So let's all thank the integrity of developers for not gimping PS4 performance for parity sake.

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DeadlyFire1905d ago

Anonymous source should = opinion piece. I kinda agree that many games will likely end up with 720p on Xbox 720. It will look the same graphically. That is what developers see that counts. As they didn't have to kick the graphics down for either platform.

GarrusVakarian1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Resolution is a part of the graphics though. If a rock in the distance is in 1080p, it will be alot more visible and detailed than a rock at 720p at the same distance, the same way a 1080p texture will look more detailed than the same texture at 720p. Just saying. I think you might mean graphical effects, like lighting and physics that would stay the same and not be effected from a drop in resolution.

Angeljuice1905d ago

"It will look the same graphically." - Really? Why does 1080p exist then? Does 4k look the same graphically?
Why bother going over 540p if it all "look(s) the same graphically"

The truth is that resolution is an important element in graphical fidelity.

It's funny how just a month or so ago there were swarms of Xbox fans claiming XB1 was superior to PS4 because it had more launch titles releasing at 1080p. Now that some XB1 titles have been downgraded and the truth about multiplatform titles is out, suddenly resolution is completely irrelevant.

DeadlyFire1904d ago

I am talking about textures, models, and all. Should be about the same visually between the PS4/XB1 versions. PS4 version runs better and has no problem with 1080p. The Xb1 version runs not as great at same res. So they shrank it all. It won't look as good upscaled. Overall though if you change your resolution around in any PC game you can see the differences sure, but the world still is the same. The wall textures, and models, and game do not change as the resolution changes.

Moncole1905d ago

As long as its not saying something negative about Sony it get approved.

Angeljuice1905d ago

Dumb and Dumber (crybabies)

Kuse1905d ago

This is a Sony Hivemind Website...

torchic1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

or maybe Microsoft is sucking eggs right now and Sony (you could also throw Nintendo in there for 3DS) is the only company with tons of positive vibes right now?

sick of Xboners complaining about how pro-Sony N4G is when it only seems pro-Sony because, Microsoft is making noob moves.

what happens when Steamboxes are well received? does N4G become a Valve Hivemind Website?

GarrusVakarian1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

No, this is a website that has ALOT of positive Sony news....just like any gaming website at this moment in time. That doesn't make a website "hive minded" it just reflects what the industry is saying right now. If the tables were turned and the X1 had the majority of positive news, would this website be a MS hivemind? Of course it wouldn't. Sony having lots of positive news is due to the way they conduct business which the majority of gamers prefer to the way MS are conducting business lately.

Positive news = positive reactions from gamers. Simple as that.

Actually, N4G USED to be a pro MS website before the 360 launched...why? Same reasons why it is now a pro Sony website...positive news.

redwin1905d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

720p or 1080p what ever it is, if it's a multyplayer game I'm getting it for the box. Sony for its exclusives . I do agree that PS4 seems more powerful and that will make great looking games. If MS drops the ball with Xbox Live then I'll just buy their exclusives and I'll play online on the PS4 only. This 720p vs 1080p means nothing to me when it comes to online game. I think the service us more important.

medman1904d ago

It's hard to fathom that some folks seem ready and willing to spend 500 dollars on hardware that wheezes and coughs attempting to reach 1080p. 720p is not next gen, sorry. Not even close. Like lambs to the slaughter some of you are.

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iamnsuperman1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Well it is not beyond the realm of possibilities since recent games like Battlefield and COD are 720p. The only game (so far confirmed) to be 1080p is Forza (which isn't a surprise being an exclusive and a game by a Microsoft studio)

n4rc1905d ago

Pretty sure NBA 2k and ea ufc both are confirmed. Could be others as well

iamnsuperman1905d ago

You are probably right aswell. For some reason I always forget the sports game

CrossingEden1905d ago

Assassin's creed 4 is 1080p on xb1.

iamnsuperman1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Actually that has never been confirmed. They have said it runs at a higher resolution and frame rate than current gen


But they have only confirmed (I may be wrong and can't find it which in that case share the link) that on the PS4 it runs at 1080p


Sitdown1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I thought Battlefield runs at 900p.

Thanks... maybe I was confusing it with Ryse.

Bubbles for everybody below.

jcnba281905d ago

900p on PS4, 720p on X1.

iamnsuperman1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Apparently on PS4 but not Xbox One. It first started with the ex Ign guy but Eurogamer have recently confirmed it is running at native 720p on the Xbox One, PS4 900p (note Dice haven't said anything)


stuna11905d ago

It does! On the PS4 that is, on the Xbox1 it's 720p. Although I think both will be upscaled to 1080p

sigfredod1905d ago

Well if this turn out to be true, then we will need to be considering another scenario: more dissapointed MS fans jumping ships resulting in more PS4 solds, more millions than expected connecting to PSN, could cause issues?

Software_Lover1905d ago

Does it matter at this point? I mean really. People who want playstation will buy the playstation version even if it were 720 and the Xbox was 900-1080. People who want the Xbox will buy that version for the same reasons.

n4rc1905d ago

Yup.. I prefer xbl and the new features of x1.. Games look equal enough for it to be a non issue for me

True_Samurai1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

They don't like the fact that you feel that way. If you're okay with the graphics and are all about gameplay and story they will down vote you. They want you to feel sad BC of so called "inferior" hardware. It's not gonna stop me from freezing time in QB, Calling in a Titan, Kicking a Forerunner's buttox, Slicing up zombie, passing someone in a McLaren, or doing an ultra combo with Fulgor.

Thanks for disagrees it just makes me feel good :-)

EXVirtual1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Well, it's another anonymous source, but it's not impossible. If the XBO can't run even run COD at 900p let alone 1080p, Destiny won't be different. Destiny is a more demanding game.

Despite all of that, I'm going to wait until someone credible like CBOAT says something about this, before jumping to conclusions. I do believe that it will be the case though.

@smoothop, are you sure about that? Or is it because he was right about all those games on the XBO running at a sub-1080p resolution? When someone gets things right time after time, it's not luck. But like I said, I'm just gonna wait on this.

smoothop1905d ago

CBOAT is hardly credible, he just gets lucky with a few predictions. He was trashing the Xbox's UI when it looks like its working pretty damn good to me. The Xbox can do native 1080p they just need to get the tools up and running properly.

There are reports surfacing about PS4's overheating but it never gets mentioned here, thats when you know this website is full of crap.

GarrusVakarian1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

"There are reports surfacing about PS4's overheating but it never gets mentioned here, thats when you know this website is full of crap."

Facepalm. There was A report of a PS4 with a red light and a warning message on screen saying it was getting too hot...because it was in a glass/plastic case. The console was restarted and taken out and it worked fine after that. Misinformation and hyperbole much?

"No there were more than just one video reporting it, the plastic case situation was a clever cover up."

Ugh. Ok smoothop, if you say so. I won't argue with you.....smh.

Majin-vegeta1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

There are reports surfacing about PS4's overheating but it never gets mentioned here, thats when you know this website is full of crap.

Because it wasn't an issue.It just overheated cuz it had no breathing room.As soon as it was taken out it went back to normal.

Lets see what happens when you have no breathing space.

@Smoothop cuz Sony doesn't have to ok.

Neither has M$ so you're argument just flew out the window.

smoothop1905d ago

No there were more than just one video reporting it, the plastic case situation was a clever cover up. Why are Sony not letting certain reviewers have the PS4's early seems rather fishy to me. They are going to have trouble with the first PS4's guaranteed, the box is tiny and the fans are rubbish you heard it here first.

Utalkin2me1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )


Then provide some links and videos, if your so called info is true....

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jcnba281905d ago

Comparing the resolution of one game to another is pretty pointless when different people were working on them. It all comes down to how the developers utilise the hardware. Forza 5 and NBA2k are both native 1080p on X1 so it's possible that Destiny could be as well.

EXVirtual1905d ago

'Comparing the resolution of one game to another is pretty pointless when different people were working on them.'
And then you say:
'Forza 5 and NBA2k are both native 1080p on X1 so it's possible that Destiny could be as well.'
Contradiction much?

Forza 5 is a racing game and NBA2k is a sports game. They're not what you'd call demanding. Destiny is on a whole other level.

jcnba281905d ago

How was my comment contradicting? I said those two games run at 1080p and were developed by two different developers. That's my point it all comes down to the developers and how they use the hardware. You don't think Forza is graphically demanding game? I beg to differ.