Unboxing Call of Duty Ghosts ( Limited Edition ) & Day 1 patch size

Unboxing the limited edition of COD Ghosts, and showing what it includes along with the Day 1 patch size.

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DeadRabbits3376d ago

It can stay in the box and on the shelf! Next

Goro3376d ago

Nice unboxing Hakoom.

Starbucks_Fan3376d ago

Huh? I thought the LE came with the steelbook case.

I have a Presteige edition preordered. Will probably keep the camera and sell everything else since I got it for $120 at BB. Excited to try it out.

PsylentKiller3376d ago

Hardened edition comes with the steel book. This is the limited edition which means it comes with the free fall map.

The guy in the video is retarded. He says "it supports 720p, 1080i, & 1080p. Well, surprisingly this has a higher resolution than the xbox one. Which is only 720p."

Ghosts on XB1 outputs at 720p native but upscales to 1080p. The PS3 version outputs at sub 720p (don't have the exact numbers). But he says it like the PS3 version looks better than the XB1 version. Like the PS3 is more powerful.

And what kind of box cutter is that? Who shows off that kind of homemade stuff? Was almost hoping he'd slice his hand up.

quenomamen3376d ago

" limited Edition turd unboxing "
There fixed.