UGO: We Cheer Preview

UGO writes: "Give me a one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, great!

Oftentimes, I've been embarrassed by how much I love something that popular culture says I shouldn't. Take, for example, having fresh flowers around the house. It's something that logic dictates I, early 20s male, shouldn't have a penchant for. But once I invite you to my home, you discover how much more inviting my castle is. So please, bear with me as I explain to you how We Cheer may do just the same.

Sure, I am no lady in my early teens who obsessively watches cheerleading matches on ESPN2. But I, along with a host of other journalists (your names are safe with me), found something to love about We Cheer. And no, it's not the ability to customize your cheer squad's outfits. Well, to be honest, I might have liked that a little..."

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