SCEE's Jim Ryan Talks About How EU Xbox One Delay Resulted In More PS4 Pre-orders, Gaikai and More

Jim Ryan is Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's (SCEE) executive vice president and co-chief operating officer. In a recent interview with a RTL News in Netherlands, Jim Ryan gave insight about how Xbox One's delay can bring PlayStation 4 more pre-orders, he also talks about PlayStation 4 being profitable from day one in Europe.

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OlgerO2024d ago

I watched the interview live on tv, and it was pretty good. Playstation domination in the Netherlands!

HelpfulGamer2024d ago

All the PS4 game that I want to play is being release on PS4 Japanese Launch Day. 111 days to go! Can't Wait! :D

Eonjay2024d ago

"We’re doing everything we can to step up, but everytime we try to increase production, the demand goes up."

I guess thats a good thing lol

abzdine2024d ago

well i guess the demand "problem" is a good "problem" to deal with.. cause when i look at OUYA and Wii U... :D

Ritsujun2024d ago

Microsofie's Xbone180'ing themselves.

Lboogieskells2024d ago

Sony needs to release some localization news about all those titles they annouced at TGS!

GTgamer2023d ago

Increasing Demand we like to call that Good Problems.

FamilyGuy2023d ago

"between November 29 and Christmas, there will be 34 games published. Of which more than half will be available on PS4, but will not appear on Xbox One.

This gaming line-up provides a very strong point of difference."


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miyamoto2023d ago

This is the most important tidbit

When the interviewer asked that since PlayStation 4 games are playable on the PlayStation Vita, and if it is possible to see the same happening with smartphones, tablets, PCs etc, Ryan stated:

It’s not possible: it’s certain. We acquired a company called Gaikai a couple of years ago, which provides a cloud streaming service. Starting next year in North-America and soon to follow in Europe, we will start streaming PlayStation gaming experiences to PlayStation devices, but also to non-PlayStation devices: smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, televisions, blu-ray players.

When asked about if the streaming of PlayStation games will be limited to only Sony made products such as smartphones, TVs, Tablets etc, Jim Ryan said that they are aiming for a broader horizon.

No. We will stream to, obviously Sony products, but also the possibility to stream to non-Sony products is definitely on the horizon.

Sony has beaten Nintendo and M$ to it.

PlayStation will be everywhere!!!!!!!

kingPoS2023d ago

If all goes well, Gaikai could possibly become the Netflix of gaming.

Can ya dig it.

DeadRabbits2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

There would have been a greater demand for 1080p 60fps on the number one console coming this holiday season whether or not the xbone had been delayed or not!

He is being modest!

Bathyj2024d ago

So ps4 is profitable in Europe day one?
That's great news.

panbit862024d ago

That's the most important piece of information here imo. But i think it's in general not just Europe... why Europe only?

Bathyj2024d ago

It COULD be world wide, he's just not in a position to talk about it. Sonys divisions are all separate entities. The fact he didn't confirm it is not proof either way, he was only speaking for his own back yard..

Nekroo912024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Because we pay more than americans for the system due to currency...

In U.S you have to buy a ps3+game for sony to make profit, in EU the ps4 alone is already profitable.

400 dollars = almost 300 euros, so we pay more 100 dollars than what we should and the profit comes from there...

nukeitall2024d ago

In the US there are more competition forcing prices lower, as well as the fact that buying power in Europe relative to other currency is better.

This means in general products in Europe cost more than in the US, although they are all manufactured in mostly Asian countries.

Electronic buying power in Europe is better than in the US.

Sony already stated that they are loosing money on every PS4 sold and I'm assuming they meant US at the time. Could be other regions, but there is no conclusive evidence or information.

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