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An anxious Cartman, unable to wait 3 weeks for the release of the Wii, comes up with a plan to freeze himself and remain in suspended animation until the Wii is launched.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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x440Magnumx4459d ago

I wonder how much Nintendo paid South Park for all that advertising.

Marriot VP4459d ago

i don't think anything, for some reason South Park leaves sony's ps3 out of the picture entirely.

Now you know south park is can be very racist, anti-religious, and more things, I wonder if they don't like the PS3??

They've done the 360 on several occasions, and now the Wii, still no PS3.

kmis874459d ago

South Park has done the PSP, the 360, and now the Wii. I just think they do what they feel like. I thought it was odd that Cartman wanted a Wii though, seeing as how he seems more likely to pick the console that would fit his sedentary lifestyle. Maybe one of the punchlines in part 2, i mean part 1, will be that he finally gets to play the Wii, but he's too out of shape to play for more than a few seconds at a time.

Marriot VP4459d ago

my fav. line that made me burst out was

"Look kid pacing in front of the store isn't gonna make your wii come any faster"

very innappropriate but funny

eepiccolo4458d ago

Actually, it was "the Wii", not "your Wii". It's not really quite as funny that way, unfortunately.

THWIP4459d ago

It's "To be continued..."! :(

willymcd4459d ago

i love southpark, so great!!

Aramis0014459d ago

South Park rules!

"Ritard Alert! Ritard Alert!"

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