10 PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games That You Shouldn’t Miss

Chillopedia: PlayStation exclusives have always swept the entire gaming world off its feet with sheer quality. The original PlayStation had exclusives such as the Spyro and Crash Bandicoot series, the PlayStation 2 had numerous at the time such as the Jak & Daxter series or the Ratchet & Clank series, the PlayStation 3 had The Last of Us quite recently along with the Uncharted series. This trend seems to continue with the PlayStation 4.

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Sitdown2027d ago

Soooooo......a writer who has probably not played any of these games is some how able to tell us what exclusive games we should not miss? Based on previous experience with the series, 2nd Son is the only title I can say for sure that is title I don't want to miss. The Order now has my attention..Everything else I will probably be okay with if I never played.

saminseattle2027d ago

It's called an opinion article. Humans are allowed to write these.

HighResHero2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

As long as I agree with them IMO.

Off the top of my head:

Shadow Fall, Knack, Resogun, Planetside 2, Driveclub, the new Demon's/Dark Souls, Infamous SS, The Order, the next SSM game, a new IP from ND, the new Socom that is in development, etc.

Rottenspacehead2027d ago

H-Hour. Only game with no greed involved, and a real hardcore shooter. nuff said.

Detoxx2027d ago

I doubt it's gonna be hardcore tho.

C-H-E-F2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Created by Socom 1 & 2 creative director, need I say more? Sure it may not sell 15million units, but i'm sure it will fill this emptiness in my gut that i've been feeling since Socom 3 was released.

EDIT: I donated to it's kickstarter as well.

HighResHero2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

That's easily one of my most anticipated games.
A competitive shooter for PS4 without health regeneration or aim-assist will be a day -1 for me!

Detoxx2027d ago

In other words:

Hardcore mode on any FPS

Superherox702027d ago

Regen health is one of the worst things to come to fps. Even worse than the extreme linearity.

BitbyDeath2027d ago

Agreed, Regen health needs to go.
It is very anti-competitive in online games.

DigitalRaptor2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

H-Hour: World's Elite is one of those most under the radar next-gen games.

Spiritual successor to early Socom games. Hardcore tactical team-based shooter

patsrule3162027d ago

The exclusives that I am tracking and plan on purchasing unless something changes:

The Witness (so far not announced as XB1, but you never know)
Infamous Second Son
The Order: 1886
Deep Down
Everyone has Gone to the Rapture
Shadow of the Beast

Zancruz2027d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall, I own already...
inFamous: Second Son, Is preordered...
The Order: 1886, I need to see more of before deciding it's fate...
Driveclub, Will play the free version IF I like will buy it...
The Playroom, I will mess around with it once or twice with my Camera...

The rest looks like crap or uninterested in it! For me Sony should've had a better first party launch line up.... But whatever, I really wanna play Battlefield 4, The Division, The Crew and Destiny more than anything else.

I_am_Batman2027d ago

So I guess you are only interessted in AAA games. But even then you'll have more than enough games to play if you look at first and third party combined imo.

Zancruz2027d ago

I thought this topic was about Exclusive games? And aren't exclusive games are really only first party games? And what IF I am only into AAA titles? So what, Does it matter?

Look, I'm into games that interest me AAA or Not, I play what I like... Point blank, There's very few games that's launching with the PS4 that do. Battlefield 4, Killzone, Watchdogs and Driveclub was my four launch games, Now two of them comes out next year. So that's leaves me with two games, one for multiplayer and one for campaign. Sad really, Imma still be heavily playing PS3 till next year... :(

I'm not a fan of playing rehash either, I can't stand playing the same game Over & Over & Over & Over & Over again! Games should only be a trilogy and no more.... Smh

(And for thoses X1 Fanboys just incase you're reading this, X1 launch line up barely looks better than PS4...)

Can't wait for Fall 2014!

Hicken2027d ago

No, exclusives aren't only first party games. The PS3, for example, proably has about two dozen or so third party exclusives, likely far more that never made it west.

Zancruz2027d ago

IF a game is not Made/Published by Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo then there's a chance of it being made for other consoles ergo timed exclusive, So the only true exclusive games are first party... Which still doesn't matter because 97% of PS4 launch games are on multiple systems... Which is sad.

Hicken2027d ago

Oh? By all means, then, tell me how many of those exclusives on PS3 have gone to 360 or Wii. Better yet, how many third party exclusives from this generation- or any other, for that matter- wound up on the competition?

I think you'll find the number of games that HAVEN'T dropped their exclusivity status far exceeds the number of those that have. And that number is particularly high for the PS3.

A timed exclusive is just as it says: exclusive to a given console for a specific period of time.

As for that "97%," you must not know of launch system lineups before this generation. How about going back and looking at the PS3 and 360 lineups(the Wii might be different, for obvious reasons), or the lineups at launch for generation 6.

Hell, look at the XB1 lineup. "97%" multiplats, too.

So what?

Zancruz2026d ago

History kiddo, Some of the biggest game franchises has jumped ship to different consoles. Final Fantasy from Nintendo to PlayStation 1, Remember all those FF fans crying? I do. Crash Bandicoot, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken and etc started on the PS1 and Continue to the PS2 then they jumped to Xbox & 360. Remember that Sony fans was crying? Agian I do. IF Sony would have kept those games exclusive, the PS3 wouldn't have struggled for so long and would have sold way more consoles at this point.

The term exclusive started with the rise of Xbox "Only on Xbox" then came the exclusive saying and that word is thrown around so much by companies now you don't know what it means till you read the fine print, Timed or Life time Exclusive means nothing remember Mass Effect 1? Need i go on... Smh! A company needs to own the license to the game look at Halo and Gears of War, Microsoft was smart enough to buy them. Those games aren't going anywhere else even though the original Developers are. I wouldn't be surprise if the X1 gets the Resistance Fall of Man and the Ratchet and Clank series, don't know IF Sony owns thoses IP's or not and don't care but fans will cry.

Yes, I said X1 was only a little better and the main reason is they have more variety to choose from regardless of how somebody might feel about the games. I sorry but I didn't buy a brand new $400 to play indie games, Games I can play on my phone or Vita.

Variety is the spice of life my friend, it's what makes us all unique and different... Oh and I still have my launch PS1, my launch PS2, my launch PS3 and will soon my launch PS4 and the difference between thoses? The first three systems had a bit more launch Variety & Exclusives & New IP's. But hey Rehash away IF that's your thing... lol

TheFirstClassic2027d ago

If a game is on one platform, and does not ever go to another platform, it is an exclusive... Not that hard to understand. Doesn't matter if it is 1st Party, 2nd Party, or Republican Party. It's EXCLUSIVE to that platform.

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