Resident Evil 5 Becomes Capcom's Best Seller

Capcom has revealed update sales figures for a number of its franchises, as well as confirmed that Resident Evil 5 has overtaken Street Fighter II to become its most successful game

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CourierSix2822d ago

Doesn't surprise me. I still pick my copy and play it often.

Irishguy952822d ago

Hitting the 'extremely cheap bin for ****ing shit games' will do that.

zeee2822d ago

I don't know about you guys but this is sad news. Re5 was worse than re4. RE4 was not a true RE game but still it was fine. Long time RE fans would attest to that. RE6 was more like a middle finger to aaaallll the RE fanbase.

Lykon2822d ago

well said ! Huge disappointment after 4. Level 1/intro was interesting with it's risky racial stereotyping... zombies with black attitude. But it was short and forgettable.

abzdine2822d ago

this shows how low gaming is nowadays..
thisgame can be a good action game but the worst RE game ever.

Army_of_Darkness2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

After playing re6, I would have to say that re5 is a bit of alright cause I find it way better and more fun than re6.

mikeslemonade2822d ago

Ironically upon the announcement of this game, this is when Capcom started to care more about money then the game quality.

This is when Capcom started going downhill in terms of quality when they started making games outside the PlaySation.

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MizTv2822d ago

Is it a great ResidentEvil game? no
But is it a awesome co-op game?
If it wasn't called Re I think people would if liked it more

Eyeco2822d ago

It was a good game, it just wasn't a good Resident Evil game, the level design was far too disjointed, it just wasn't as cohesive as the past game's, the co-op itself completely undermined the concept of "survival horror" you're supposed to feel helpless, weak, alone, the emphasis on shooting as well as partner by your side contradicts that, I prefer to call the game a "Survival Action" if anything.

That said I did have fun playing it, when I ignored the fact that it was a Survival Horror and Resident Evil.

Irishguy952822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

It was an ok co op game. It doesn't change the fact that the game was uninspired in many ways. Was it some fun? Sure, but i'll never play it again, it wasn't 'that' fun. There are much better co op games out there. l4d, Halo, Gears etc

Magicite2822d ago

RE1 and ZERO were masterpieces. RE2 and RE3 were true classic.

MizTv2822d ago

Zero is my fav
I just love billy and Rebecca

Perjoss2822d ago

I think it was a great game, but it wasn't like the previous RE games in terms of being scary and creepy.

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sherimae24132822d ago

what? seriously?.... ok
is resi 6 is the worse one?

Kryptix2822d ago

Yea, Resident Evil 6 is the worst one. And 5 is nowhere as golden as previous RE games so I'm surprised it's the top selling RE game. Hopefully Capcom makes an HD remake of RE2, the best one in my opinion since they're shitting bricks with gaining profits and a remake of 2 would get a lot of positive attention. :)

r212822d ago

Good then, maybe Capcom will finally learn what an actual RE game is.

oof462822d ago

Resident Evil 1 was the only scary game in the series, in my opinion. I loved 2, 3 and 4, but the series has become too action heavy.

tigertron2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

You fight tanks and apache helicopters as bosses and bomb ships with a fighter jet, so yes, RE6 is the worst one.

gantarat2822d ago

So main problem RE 6 Is Chris Campaign ?

fossilfern2822d ago

No gantarat the whole game is the problem. Since RE4 the series has gone to the dogs.

FrostyZipper2822d ago

I dunno about that fossilfern, Revelations was pretty good.

Yui_Suzumiya2822d ago

Resident Evil 6 is my favorite after the original. Just being honest.

hollabox2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Yeah, but I still don't get why everybody hates on RE5. Everybody say it wasn't scary, if Capcom take RE 7 back to its RE 0-3 roots, everybody is going to scream Tank controls, monster in the closets scares is outdated, is this 1995?

RE 6 for what's it worth is scary for the most part, just certain campaigns like Leon K is so much better than what you get from Jake. Jake campaign made me put the game down, stuck in the hospital level with no motivation to push past it. But getting it for $27, the RE 6 Archives is pretty sweet, brings back memories.

I which Capcom would remake RE 0 HD, that game for me is a toss up with RE4 for next best in the series. Heck I wouldn't mind the Game Cube RE 1 remake at 1080P, let me stop, always a RE fan except for the light gun games, and Raccoon city.

MightyNoX2822d ago

So I guess this curbstomps any hope of returning to Survival Horror roots. I was gladdened when they acknowledged RE6's faults but now that RE5 has takent his spot, I expect there'll be more boulder punching in RE7

hemmo19862822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Well obviously resi 5 got the advantage from resi 4 having a good reputation and built off its hype. Just like the ps2 building off the success of ps1. Yah follow

I know all my mates didnt own resi 4 they just borrowed my gamecube and than when resi 5 came out they knew resi 4 was good so kapow they went and got a copy.

DeadRabbits2822d ago

Yeap Resi 5 piggybacked off of the expectations of greatness to come left by Resi 4!

Chard2822d ago

To make things worse, Capcom released a 'HD remake' of Resi Evil 4, which ended up just being a crappy upscale of the PS2 version. RE4 deserves a proper HD edition.

hollabox2822d ago

Yeah I got 4 on Xbox live when I picked RE6, it was abit different then what I remembered from the Game Cube version. But with that said I still think RE 5 is the 2nd best in the series right behind Code Veronica, followed by RE2.

Pozzle2822d ago

Not to mention, RE5 had a MASSIVE marketing campaign. I remember seeing ads for it everywhere when it was first released, so it's no wonder it sold well.

Lykon2822d ago

It had the kill unpleasant black African people controversy too which got it a lot of attention

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