Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Game Sharing

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will compete on a few different fronts when they launch this November. The biggest front is on graphics capabilities. Fans of each console have compared screenshots and video footage from each console for week.

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PawnSacrifice2828d ago

Compare COD2 (360 launch game) to Black Ops 2 (late Cycle game), fact is things get better the more the developers familiarize themselves with the tech.
& Xbox had TOTALY changed their format (that's why it's not backwards compatible, it's not that they wont, it's that they can't)
Saying that Dice & IW have done nothing short of a amazing job at accomplishing what they have done.
But this whole resolution war won't last long for ether side.

The other point is that with this gen everything can change with an update.
As of now, the Xbox has no family share, but they did say it would come back.
Not to mention the latest offer where you could send 'gifts' over Xbox Live.

snipab8t2828d ago

Hopefully they pull through with that game sharing feature they had before they revoked DRM.

NewMonday2828d ago


"the Xbox has no family share, but they did say it would come back"

Its hard to take their word at anything anymore judging from their track record, for example..

MS also said they would allow 30% advantage for the PS4, but we end up with games like BF with 50% better resolution in addition to better AA, frame rate and lighting, also CoD on PS4 is DOUBLE the XB1 resolution.

MS also tried to deceive a big Xbox fan about 1080p resolution but to his credit the fan hit back.

MS also used PC game footage(even KillzonSF screenshots) to promote XB1 games.

MS also released a doctored XB1 OS demo

MS also said TitanFall is best on XB1 because of dedicated servers, but now we know PC/360 will use the same servers

MS also said they don't force RARE to make Kinect games, but they repeatedly shut down any other project the studio coma up with.

Kryptix2828d ago

The growth in graphics goes with both consoles, not just the Xbox consoles. Of course the Xbox One will see growth, but so will the PS4. I'm sure the Xbox One will run games at 1080p native soon but in return they have to sacrifice visual effects to do so. On the PS4, it will be able to gain extra visual effects and maintain a higher resolution or lower the resolution of the game to add more effects. (Less sharper but have much better lighting or something like that)

On topic:
PS4 has the advantage of sharing games digitally at the moment since two different PS4s can share a game at the same time as long as the main account is logged in...if I remember correctly.

Rainstorm812828d ago ifyou know someone presonally or a family memeber may still be able to gameshare like on PS3.

But marking another console as your primary console may force you to give up on some features probably.

svoulis2828d ago

Pawn I'd love to agree with your about next gen but the truth is aside from in house optimization the systems are basically PCs. Current gen tech was more unfamiliar to devs and they had to learn the processors. Especially the Cell. I feel like next gen won't see the gap in graphical differences as current gen did.

That's doesn't mean devs won't utilize the tech better in the future to make games look and run better. Just think it won't be as extreme as ..say cod 2 vs black ops II

Dark3stShadow2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

So let me get this straight. Developers will learn how to use the XboxOne more efficiently so games fit graphically better on the platform. But on Playstation4 it will be the same?

Hahaha NO!!!

Yes, developers will learn different ways to use the ps4 in a more efficient way. But guess what... They will do the same thing with ps4 and as a result you will still get a power advantage on ps4. In fact because the hardware is better ps4 may even get a greater advantage as time goes on.

I'm getting PS4 and XboxOne... But I think it's foolish to buy xbox and think everything is magically going to work out and have more power... It just won't. Xbox users just need to try and find another advantage but case as much as you want to have the power advantage, Ps4 has it and always will. Xbox has it's own advantages and so does ps, how about both sides keep there advantages and stop hoping and wishing for others

Sorry posted this reply in the wrong spot lol

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Software_Lover2828d ago

^^^^ And another internet argument ensues on N4G.

It seems as if people love to argue more than play games these days.

Hicken2828d ago

We can't really play the games on these consoles yet, so pretty much all we CAN do is argue about them.

bjmartynhak2828d ago


So, the sharing of digital games with two PS3 consoles will not exist in the same form anymore on PS4. And what about DLCs? Will they work on secondary consoles?

Answers for bubbles! =D

svoulis2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

DLC will work the same way. If your linked to a separate ps3 all you need to do is login and install the games and dlc on the second console your friend or family member will have access to the dlc as well.

It will work the same way as ps3 for a second console on PS4.

PsylentKiller2828d ago

Works the same way with Xbox Home Gold subscription.

cell9892828d ago

One of the great features of PS, I never knew you couldn't do this for xbox. Anyway, yes even your Playstation plus content will work on any two ps4s you decide to link your account with. And you can always deactivate one and register another one. I'm glad they kept this, I was afraid they'd remove it like they did with the PS Vita where only one unit per account.

badboy7762827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

So can I gameshare just like I did on PS3???

obelix012828d ago

The restrictive DRM policy was the only thing forcing me into Sony's corner. It really was a horrible policy. I'm glad Microsoft did thier "180" I understand Sony had the exact same policies just prior to E3 & only changed them after seeing the grief Microsoft was getting. Sony isn't perfect & I wish people would stop acting like it is. Every company is in to win it by financial gain & every company makes mistakes. Its time to move on & enjoy your console of choice without ridiculing a console you had no intention of getting in the first place.

beebap2828d ago

This is complete crap they had stated from feb that there was no drm look it up. It was people decided that because microsoft was doing it sony had to be doing it too maybe that already knew it would be badly recived so did not plan it and waited to announce it at e3 as it was best publicity at the time.Microsoft were so arrogant they thought people would allow with their family sharing plan but people are smart there are other solutions to family sharing without microsoft proposed drm.Please show me evidence that sony changed this at last minute also wouldnt it badly affect the launch of console like microsoft has rumors of lot of things not working tools, network software etc all pushed back but of the 180 getting sorted first. Hate when people spew this stuff from nowhere just what they like to believe

MASTER_RAIDEN2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

seems like xbox one has finally gotten with the program. i remember the xbox 360's trash policy wouldnt even let you play games on the same console under a different gamertag, just because i had to buy a new xbox (I reused the same HDD).