BioWare Execs Split on Whether to Classify Wii as a Toy

BioWare's Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka speak about how the Wii should be seen, whether as a toy or something much deeper.

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sunnygrg4486d ago

Square Enix was the other one.

Iamback4486d ago Show
mirroredderorrim4486d ago

Is that why Square Enix is making games for the Wii? Bioware has not been around long enough for them to talk down on Nintendos machine. Especially when they're making peanuts compared to the Money Printing Wii.

SL1M DADDY4486d ago

Not a toy. I can enlighten you here. If it is considered a toy due to its apeal to the casual market then why do we see so few adults with the latest Barbie or Hot Wheels? If it is a toy then since the PS2 apeals to the casual market as well it should be safe to say that the PS2 is a toy too. I would dare say it is a negative thing to say it's a toy and that negativity spills over onto the entire video game market. It's a console, no matter how you slice it.

Kyrue4486d ago

I've had high hopes for the Wii, but honestly I don't seem satisfied. I do enjoy some of the games, but they haven't held my interest for long. I find myself enjoying DS, PSP + 360 way more.

BeNice4485d ago

i see you are one of the masses who appears to find few games to enjoy, here's an idea. I am nto trying to talk down to you but go browse the shelves in game stores and buy games like no more heroes , zack and wiki, the upcoming mario kart (i'm excited for it), super mario galaxy, metroid prime 3 corruption. You also have a system that has excellent backwards compatability , so check out those gamecube games that are exclusive that ps2 never had and never will.

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The story is too old to be commented.