Aonuma: Nintendo will be “a bit more careful” choosing Zelda art styles in the future

Nintendo tends to make use of various art styles with the Zelda games. We’ve seen approaches that have been realistic, cel-shaded, and even impressionistic.

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richierich2029d ago

I hope they use the E3 2011 tech demo art style I was not a fan of either the windwaker and skyward sword because of their art styles. Ocarina of time was the best of all.

KingOdin892028d ago

Yeah that tech demo was sick. I can play wind waker, but something about skyward sword's art style bothered me to the point I couldn't play it.

But that tech demo was pretty much Ocarina of Time on steroids, which I thought was awesome!

Misaka_x_Touma2028d ago

No it was TP since the spider Link was fighting was a boss.

Misaka_x_Touma2028d ago

It just Twilight Princess in HD

KingOdin892028d ago

I'd agree with you but if you wanna pick out specific details, Link didn't have the fairy following him in Twilight Princess, so it's more a combination of both games in my opinion. But, in terms of art direction I always thought Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess were similar. The tech demo looked like the next evolution building from those two games.

Misaka_x_Touma2028d ago

The Spider is from Twilight Princess, Link sword was in TP and his design is TP design.


Wind Waker is the best looking zelda imo

TheDivine2028d ago

Loved Skyward Sword but needed to be HD to really appreciate it. I like how its never the same but I absolutely hate the artstyle for A Link Between Worlds. It has that generic 3d polygon look of New SMB and other Nintendo games. Would've preferred a Minish Cap look or more of a drawn look. Game looks phenomenal otherwise though.

A more realistic look for the console Zelda would be fantastic, much like the demo. Keep the whimsy but make it dark. Not TP dark but MM dark and twisted. Bring it on!

Bimkoblerutso2028d ago

Glad I'm not the only one that feels that way.

I love the "New" Mario games, but the art is just so boring and generic.

And unfortunately, now they seem to be using it for their other franchises.

Still going to be an epic game, though...

Eamon2028d ago

Ocarina/Twilight style was always my favorite. If they can just keep it the same as what we saw in the E3 tech demo, I would be very happy.