Spong Interviews Haze's Screen Writer, Rob Yescombe

Spong writes: "Like a neon-clad, slow-moving juggernaut, Haze is coming.

It's one of the most anticipated games for the PS3 and one of the few FPSes that might prove to be a console-seller for Sony. All that and, much to my frustration, the release date has seemed to stay forever on the horizon. Until early April, that was!

To warm up for the release, I trundled off down to London to take a look at the game and have a chat with its screenwriter, Rob Yescombe.

After Rob had stopped oggling the sports camera I was using to record the interview, we got going on subjects ranging from Haze's multi-player to which side of the game's conflict Jesus would be on to TimeSplitters. Here is what was said..."

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nutjuice3829d ago

one of these articles about Haze would ask how much of the bluray disc space they are using especially since this article says they have downloadable content coming

Jinxstar3829d ago

"It's one of the most anticipated games for the PS3"

Is it really? It looks like a Halo clone to me and I'm not a fan of Halo... I love me a good FPS but really how many have it preordered? I am waiting on reviews myself then Ima get it if its worthy... I spend too much money on mediocre games anymore... Dark Sector anyone?

cyclindk3829d ago

Anticpated...yeah, maybe a year ago...waited too long and not enough progress made in my opinion; time to move on to big and better things.