Leaked Call Of Duty Ghost Multiplayer Gameplay by Relapse Gaming

Here are some videos of CALL OF Duty Ghost multiplayer gameplay footage before the game is released.

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UnrealThreats2031d ago

Is it just me, or does this game look really fucking similar to MW3?

Brix902031d ago

Hope not MW3 for me was the worst...

seanpitt232030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

SSDD same sh*t different year not getting any money out of me this year. The more people support this laziness then longer we will have the same game every year. Bring on BF4 and KZSF for ps4.

Kryptix2031d ago

Yea, I always thought that since the reveal. You can see they use the same poor lighting and the textures haven't even improved a lot, they're just a little sharper and detailed compared to MW3's.

But I wasn't surprised, recent CoDs never looked spectacular compared to other games in it's genre.

DeadRabbits2030d ago

NO! Ghost has Dawgs and Women!

way2fonky2030d ago

you could have just said bitches!

JimmyLmao2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

this video was all i needed to see

CoD Ghosts multi-player is perfect.

Infinity Ward has done a really really good job, as always.

Day 1 on PS4 in 1080p for me =D!!

lilbrat232030d ago

The graphics are terrible, I do see some lag I wonder what system it's being played on? :-/

LetoAtreides822029d ago

Definitely 360. Title probably should be updated to say so. I can't stand watching current-gen videos anymore.

venom062030d ago

hell.... it should ... this is really nothing more than MW4.. the dang dev even said that they were going to call it MW4, but want to change it. Surely, Activision marketing and PR told them that that would be the wise thing to do.. so yeah, ALOT of people are going to see that this is really nothing more than MW3, with few changes. Hell... next-gen would be any different from current gen, maybe only slightly better graphics.

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RaptgamersUnited2031d ago

It's not just you. We have to wait for MW4 in 2014 to see a better leap lol

lets_go_gunners2031d ago

Treyarch has the game next year so it's not gonna be mw4. Maybe not even black ops.

RaptgamersUnited2031d ago

Well they need to upgrade on the graphics big time.. Next year's Battlefield might just leave the series in the dust graphically. An I'm an avid Call Of Duty Player

DecoyOctopus2030d ago

Battlefield 3 came out in 2011 so i think you have to wait until 2015 for BF5

knoxin2031d ago

I've played this last night at a friends, OMFG it's crap, the game play is sped up and even the other players shout out like chipmunks replay kill cams show you something totally different, guns are ridiculous, and my friend was host on one game???? (dedicated sever's) Treyarch Have the crown in my book

CerebralAssassin2030d ago

Well you are playing the game before it's officially released so kinda hard to judge when you know there is a title update tuesday.

UncleGermrod2030d ago

lol, he got it early...the servers are not up yet ya banana. sounds like u just suck btw

knoxin2030d ago

Ok you 2 there is a 104mb patch and yes the severs are up, they've been up since Sat morning


johny52030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

What's bad about this game isn't just the graphics! "although it's pretty bad!" it's the technical specs like resolution (720p for a next gen game?) bad frame rates, terrible voice acting and animations and last but not least lots and lots of hackers!

This game shouldn't even grace the Next Gen consoles as it's a disgrace!

CerebralAssassin2030d ago

Im a huge halo fan but lets not forget the hackers we deal with on halo. This series is the worse hacked game of all time on xbox. Bacon when everyone played halo every room was hacked. You don't really see hackers on cod due to being able to record and the fact people get flagged for it.

This cod vid doesn't look great amazing. I looked at it from my galaxy s4 and can tell the video feed isnt amazing. Looks like 360 gameplay.

Either way, you talk like someone who doesn't like cod anyway so why bother saying how bad it is? The game does exactly what we want it to do. let us point and shoot. Job done.

Salooh2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

I rather play Bf4 and Shadow fall instead of halo and cod .

There will be a new halo though so i hope you enjoy it :) .

Most of us were fans of call of duty . I stopped enjoying call of duty after they released black ops1. I continued playing it because my brothers/friends play them and that's the reason why i'm in this article to copy the link of the video to them. At this moment i'm done with call of duty , i can't even stand watching someone playing it. It makes me feel sick even though i was a fan of the game. It's that bad for me. I'm 100% sure that if i bought it i will play it for like 1 or 2 days then stop . So why bother.. lol . I gave up after they showed us the port to next generation ..

BX812030d ago

Did you listen to the clown in the video? Who killed me? Oh it was fox. [email protected] you fox. Typical mindless cod drone. He just says it to say it, no emotion in his monotone voice.

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