Wii Live Podcast #16: The End… NOT

Podcast 16 is done and it's the last one until the end of the Summer (with the exception of a few podcasts here and there). This time around, it's Durffen, Trist, and DarkWish, and two of DarkWish's roommates, Sloan and Haris, join for a bit. Check out a brief outline below.

- The announcement of the Brawlin' Rockin' Weekend
- RUMOR: Paper Mario for the DS
- Club Nintendo comes to Australia
- Interview with Miyamoto: Possible Galaxy Sequel, Pikmin 3 talk, using the DS as a Wii Fit expansion, and Balance Board title
- High Voltage Software announces The Conduit and Gyrostarr
- Guitar Hero IV to have different instruments
- Our thoughts on Mario Kart Wii before its release

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BrotherNick3855d ago

I'm down for the SSBB tourney.