Xbox One Dashboard App Snapping

Quick hands-on with the Xbox One dashboard and app snapping.


Added a second video with Killer Instinct and actual IE.

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NYC_Gamer2826d ago

The whole snap feature looks real smooth based on this video

soljah2826d ago

so is this pretty much what vita does? put apps in background and bring up something else

Lalanana2826d ago

lol ps vita lol don't put what ms is doing with their os and vita in the same category. MS is onto something bigger by a mile..

Other note, Snap feature is coming on nicely.

Muerte24942826d ago

He's going in and out of Battlefield 4 with no lag. Looks responsive but this is usually a department Microsoft excels in. I'm a PS fanboy and even I know this.

Red_Devilz2826d ago

All those disagreeing have not seen PS Vita. This thing is exactly what Vita does.

Check out vita before you disagree.

P0werVR2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )


It's not only vita. It's a feature within all smart devices. That was Microsoft's goal, to bring snap feature to console where there can be constant updates and apps for Xbox One. So potential for some very unique features will be developed for Xbox One.

I see your guys real intention in trying to compare this to ps vita. This is something fairly innovative for console.


Looking real good! I had expected noticeable lag, but boy it looks very smooth even in it's early stage.

MynextGen2826d ago

Childish troll enjoy tnose disagrees your seriously are butthurt

JokesOnYou2826d ago

Sweet. Can't wait for Nov 22nd.

2826d ago
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joe902826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

WOW this looks sweet. Can not wait till i collect my XBO at midnight launch.

Sony remove MP3 then add it again but it is not classed as a 180 but classed as "Listening to the consumer", Yet everything microsoft does is a 180 because they want your money.

Scum of the gaming world comes to mind on this one.

Zorak2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

MP3 and DLNA compatibility was never implemented in the first place according to Shuhei Yoshida. So it's not really a 180, just a dumb business move.

DigitalRaptor2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Hmmm. It's easy being selective, isn't it?

Xbox fanboys used indie games as a bullet point for the 360. Sony makes the initiative to increase their indie support for PS4, Xbone has no indies out until some time in 2014 due to their godawful policies. Indies are now all crap and not important because it's a PS4 strength.

Xbox fanboys picked out the negligible differences between PS3/360 multiplats as a bullet point for the 360. Sony releases stronger PS4 hardware, multiplats are shown to run with an output increase of 50% in favour of PS4 (better resolution, a more stable frame rate, more AA and more detail). Developers and industry folk point out the lifelong ESRAM bottleneck which hinders performance due to Microsoft's multimedia OS design focus. It's no longer important, or no one can really tell the difference anyway, because it's a PS4 strength.

Xbox fanboys defend and apologise for an anti-consumer corporation on its bad industry decisions and practices, saying they want the DRM, to not own their games, and screw anyone else who is not compatible with that mindless anal acceptance. Contrast Sony fans on N4G, Twitter etc. showing angst at Sony, and don't bend over and apologise for their MP3 DLNA support issue.

Yeah... scum of gaming world... Mirror, meet joe90.

mxrider21992826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Yes because sony said they were never going to put MP3 or DLNA in there lols it was just not originally included...

AngelicIceDiamond2826d ago

Looks neat and it is coming along nicely. But its about time MS showcased this.

Kayant2826d ago

I had a hard time believing that mock-up vid was real but hot damn MS have done well here.... It's even faster than the mockup vid tbh.

Dat 10% GPU/2 cores :)

whoyouwit042826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Whoops! looks like that rumor about the OS problems was BS. Now sony fans go and dig up some more BS.

Didn't mean to reply to youb @ Kayant

Kayant2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Just to note there are two rumours one about snap causing games to crash which seems false based on this vid & OS stuff in terms of XBL functions ( match making, invites) which can't be tested yet --->

Either way I don't think it will come out to be true as these are MS's bread & butter.

black0o2826d ago

since u asked for it

150 sec video doesn't proof anything, for all we know it may crashed on him like 10 time before he manage to get this 150 sec of footage -food for thoughts-

theWB272826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

There you go black0o

3 mins of action and connected to the internet. At the 1:07 mark it goes to N4G. WTF else can you people say?

It's pathetic now...really it is.

If every vid showing the OS working is useless, but you take the word of "insiders" that haven't presented one shred of visual evidence to back their claims then that's you.

Actions speak louder than words...clearly things aren't nearly as bad as the internet bash train keeps implying.

thehitman2826d ago

@wb that vid is kinda useless as well. The problesm that seem to be coming regarding the OS is the network being able to communicate w/ other devices. The network code from what I read and keep reading seems very flawed and developing around it is giving troubles for the developers. I would assume that the box is still playable ofc if they are doing live demos but w/e they show us now and works doesnt mean EVERYTHING is working well behind closed doors.

With that said I dont think MS will allow the xb1 to ship with bad critical errors and any errors still there will be sorted by release. If not then... lets say MS will be done this generation in their first 2 months of release.

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ThatIrishGamer2826d ago

It's hardly snapping if the snapped app isn't actually shown working. . .it won't take that much power to run a window that says 'sign in to use', 'need help connecting'. :S

whoyouwit042826d ago

Oh my dam, just shut up. You sony fans really need to get your head out of sony ass and stop trying to find something bad to say about every single piece of xbox One news that comes out.

ThatIrishGamer2826d ago

What?!? What are you talking about. There's no app actually running in the snap section. It's not connected to the network. I don't know why you're so uptight.

bomboclaat_gamer2826d ago

he added a second vid
now you can shut up and go back to fidning other threads to troll

ThatIrishGamer2826d ago

I don't troll threads. I said a simple thing. It's not my fault people instantly have a hissy fit and get defensive. Second video looks to work grand in that short session :S Does saying that mean I'm an MS fanboy and will now receive abuse?

The internet really is filled with weirdos!

joe902826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Butt hurt man. Very strong with you. I canceled my PS4 pre-order because of people like you giving Sony a bad name.

The PS4 is a great console but the Ultra Fan Base is actually vomiting material.

After every comment you all have to add "MONSTER BEAST CONSOLE" "MAKES PC LOOKZ LIKE PS1" "BEAST MODE CONSOLE" "XBOXONE MEGADRIVE GRAPHICS" It makes many of people dislike sony and your damage comment make people love XBO more, but you think it helps sales by acting all Hitler like in your console war. Way to go guys, i bought an XboxOne because of your pathetic childish words and i am sure more have for the same reason.

PS: every person i speak to who is investing in next gen i will tell them to go with XBO because the PS4 user base is full of 2 faced clowns.

Last gen you said Super smash brothers rip off royale was GOTY, You said Resistance 3 was GOTY, you said that stupid Harry Potter (Wii Mote) rip off was GOTY......YET you never even bought it because you was to busy adding up Shovel Ware Exclusives. PS move sold like crap, Kinect stormed last gen, It's dance games sold more than any of your (day 1 Which you never bought) Exclusives ever did.

Stop the hating on a console that did and will carry on ruining sony. Sony is not what it used to be. Yes Sony was good because it did not have any other console to test it. Now MS is dominating the market in PC,Phones and consoles you shit your pants on what it can actually do to you.

End of rant. Love you all,love gaming...just hate the Sony scum not the console.

JasonKCK2826d ago

If N4G is any indication of how Sony fans are, it makes it easy not to like them. Sad thing is I like Sony's products.

DigitalRaptor2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Damn that was some rant. A hypocritical, flawed, fanboy one at best. Every single one of your points can be dissected as flawed and biased. Let's go..

"After every comment you all have to add......"

Find me overwhelming evidence of this and you might actually have a point, rather than fanboy conjecture.

"damage comment make people love XBO more"

You have it the wrong way round. The only people who have been doing the damage control since February are Xbox loyalists and the Xbox employees themselves, trying to shed positive light on bad industry decisions. So consequently, of course they love XBO more, if they are the ones doing the damage controlling in the first place.

"Last gen you said Super smash brothers rip off royale was GOTY, You said Resistance 3 was GOTY, you said that stupid Harry Potter (Wii Mote) rip off was GOTY"

Again, point me to numerous comments calling any of those games GOTY. I think you'll find people were calling better games GOTY that came out those years. Like Uncharted 3 and Journey.

"YET you never even bought it because you was to busy adding up Shovel Ware Exclusives"

Here we go again with the "you don't support exclusives". Let the cogs of your small mind turn just a little bit, and you might understand that gamers who post on forums online, represent a minute fraction of its overall install base, let alone the fact that there are so many exclusive games coming from Sony, how would you expect them to afford to buy every single one, as well as the multiplatform games they're interested in. You can't... that's how.

"PS move sold like crap, Kinect stormed last gen, It's dance games sold more than any of your (day 1 Which you never bought) Exclusives ever did."

Oh 'teh saleezzzz'. If 15 million units is a crap figure, you are more delusional than I gave Xbox fanboy loyalists credit for:

And wow. A dance game. Doesn't that just prove where most Kinect sales came from? Casual gamers.

Gran Turismo sells more than most Xbox exclusives. Halo sells more than most Sony exclusives. Same sh*t, different day.

DigitalRaptor2826d ago

"Now MS is dominating the market in PC,Phones and consoles you shit your pants on what it can actually do to you."

MS have been dominating the market in PC for years, but for years Apple have been eating into their marketshare, and it's not slowing down. The Windows phone is a failure Sony has outsold Microsoft in overall units this generation, like last generation and the generation before that. They are in the strongest position going ahead, and add in Microsoft's colossal screw ups that has damaged its reputation and image in the console market and you can see this. None of the disadvantages that gave Xbox 360 an early lead over PS3, are present in PS4.

Do tell us how Xbone shits on the PS4 on what it can do....

SEE? With all your factual inaccuracies as well as obvious bias, how can you call anyone "scum"? But let's face reality here...

We'll be hating on the Xbone as long as Microsoft decided to create a console for which games and gaming wasn't its main priority, as referenced by the disparity in power, the overwhelming resources being put into non-gaming features and the Xbone reveal event being like this:

If there ever was an excuse to not buy an Xbone, your hypocritical, illogical and ill-informed comment would be a good candidate. However, I'm not that insecure or mentally ill to let that be the reason not to buy it or support Microsoft.

If you're basing your purchase of a PS4 on its fans, not the console itself, and you consider yourself a gamer, I have some news for you. You're not a gamer, but a fanboy loyalist with deep rooted issues. It's as simple as that, especially if you're telling people to not buy one because of your biased and one-sided perception of its user base. So clearly, you do hate the console if you want it to fail because of those supporting it.

You're in for a rude awakening as far as PS4 is concerned. You truly are.

OverdosedWitDopeness2826d ago

Lol you obviously never had one intention of getting a ps4 and I can tell you from personal experience on both consoles ps3 and 360 this whole gen or previous gen (live and psn) and none of this over dramatic fanboy bullshit has never came up at all.

OT this snap feature is excellent and I know I will get much use from it.

Salooh2826d ago

So you canceled your ps4 pre order because fanboys were mean to you and kinect dancing games sold more then ps move ?. Nice thinking bro. You missing great experience because of fanboys. I can say the same thing for X1 but that's not the reason why i'm not buying X1 , i didn't pre order X1 because i lost a lot of money on 360 without getting something worth that money. That's why i don't trust MS but that doesn't mean i won't change my mind later , when they prove they have changed and they brought unbelievable games i will support it but right now it doesn't worth one dollar to me. I won't even put it in my house even if they gave it to me for free with 10000 dollar gift. It's my opinion . I don't mind you or any one buying X1 but at least be fair so that you could have a better gaming experience . Don't be a gaming racist .

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P0werVR2825d ago

Well it has already been proven in the second vid. Where he plays Killer Instinct yet snaps up EI and surfs to N4G flawlessly.

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Bigpappy2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Looks like the OS is working for this guy. Oh well, he might be just lucky. Right guys?

@whoyouwit04: did realize you already addressed that.

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