PS4 TV Commercial from Latin America Matches Hardware Beauty with Epic Music

The PS4 will soon be available in most south american country, and Sony Latin America has started to avertise the console in full force.

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MultiConsoleGamer2030d ago

Sony is the undisputed king of video game advertising.

Abriael2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Mmmh not sure about that, many game-specific connercials are better IMHO, but this one is quite good for console pornzorz :D

But again, Two Steps from Hell would makes everything good :D

kayoss2030d ago

All I want to know is who is the voice that says "Playstation" at the end of every commericial.

BOLO2030d ago

The "Pureisutēshon" voice has been with the brand since the mid 1990's during Playstation 1...It is just a Japanese pronunciation of the name Playstation.

pyramidshead2030d ago

I think what helps with this AD is that the PS4 does actually look kinda stylish and sleek. Not sure how they managed that to be honest lol.

Mikey322302030d ago

US Advertising needs to be like this.

I dont get the stupid marketing team for Sony!

Show the sexiness of the console hardware, actual gameplay of games, and throw in some epic/catchy music.

They keep doing live action commercials that blend in with every other commercial in the world and you can hardly tell its a gaming commercial if you are the average person.

My god, i could make them commercials that would sell better than their commercials and id do it for free.

Abriael2030d ago

Not an US commercial, I'm afraid. it's an in-store trailer playing at Gamestop in UK.

ZBlacktt2030d ago

Damn, that was hot! More so them putting up those specs data.

To bad I've never seen that on TV though.

Destrania2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Mmm, sexy. 'Thou seeketh soul power, dost thou not? Then touch the Demon inside me.' PS4 is The Maiden In Black. #Demon'sSouls

chikane2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

need name of that songs Please???

cool commercial

and a good epic song that would had fitted better would had been (Ready for the Fight) by Epic Score

and skip to :42 the name and the song epic win

Omran2030d ago

Protectors of Earth from Two Steps from Hell

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