Gametrailers: Haze Multiplayer Preview

Get ready for some intense multiplayer action involving lots of guns, and of course, nectar use and abuse.

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Breakfast3856d ago

This game doesnt look so hype just went down a little...maybe it was the the guy playing was so bad...or very average graphics...i dont know...

sonarus3856d ago

Yea i won't lie the graphics are at least a yr old. This game would have been best launching along side Halo like initially planned so the jealous ps3 fanboys would have had something to play.

I will be downloading the demo to form my opinion but considering the game comes out same day i finish school i'm probably going to get it

Stagerman3856d ago

i agree breakfast. i hope the game isnt bad, cause im really looking forward to it, but that guy was either really bad, or this sucks.

games4fun3856d ago

i am a little perplexed by these multiplayer previews mainly because as far as i know there are supposed to be all vehicles in multiplayer and i dont see anyone using them

if all the vehicles are in there then i will be happy flying the helicopters around as well as the other vehicles it makes no sense to me that they would show no vehicle multiplayer which is a big plus if it is missing then i will seriously doubt purchasing it the graphics are decent but the multiplayer with vehicles was supposed to make me want to get it

Time Lord3855d ago

If anything Am starting to like the game even more.