'Minecraft' to receive entire line of LEGO minifig sets

XMNR: At Minecon Saturday, LEGO announced that it creating a new line of Minecraft sets made in the traditional minifigure scale and they are looking for help from fans with the creations.

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GentlemenRUs2031d ago

Guess LEGO ran out of ideas so jumped on the Minecraft Bandwaggon... I can't blame em...

But the prices of said items is pathetic!

Baylex2031d ago

Lego got tooo much expensive.. I remember when I was a kid, the only thing I played was lego! Even after my first console (GameBoy Pocket) I kept playing lego.. so much fun building stuff!! But now is expensive as hell!!

GentlemenRUs2031d ago

Agreed with everything you said, The world of today :(

kingPoS2031d ago

Now you can build in Minecraft for real.

Baylex2031d ago

You can always go outside and play minecraft, in the dirt :P but I bet your mother would be pissed ahaha

sherimae24132031d ago

is there a release date already given for ps3/vita? or it will come out on the sameday as the ps4 launch?