History and Legacy of the PlayStation 2

GameNTrain author Luke Siuty writes: With retro gaming getting further back in history than ever (erm, we’re getting old), a monumental giant is retiring this year. It won’t join the ranks of NES and even earlier gaming progenitors. It may even be a few decades before the general public considers this console retro. But Sony’s PlayStation 2, officially the best-selling console of all time, hit its last year, 2013. Numbers speak for themselves – over 155 million units sold, slightly over 3,800 games produced, the PlayStation 2 became synonymous with video game entertainment, entering the vocabulary of even the most clueless, interactive-entertainment-hand icapped consumers.

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Relientk772024d ago

The best console of all time

GenericNameHere2024d ago

PS2 and SNES are the pinnacle of game consoles, and the newer consoles should strive to reach those levels. You can't go wrong with the two of them.

Saviour2024d ago

indeed. But Next gen sony fans think it was worst coz it was weakest. Their logic, power=best!

ThaBx2024d ago

I'm with u on that and if anyone thinks otherwise then there are ignorant...

DinoNYC2024d ago

Former glory is about to be achieved in 2 weeks.

PoSTedUP2024d ago


socom was a way of life, man.

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The story is too old to be commented.