Spong Previews Haze Multi-Player Hands-On

Spong writes: "Free Radical ain't fooling with the multi-player side of Haze. So serious are the Nottingham-based developer and Ubisoft on the subject that I was recently dragged down to that London and the luxury of the PlayStation Rooms to sample it alongside the four-player co-op. Oh, how I kicked and screamed...

My findings with the co-op can be found here, but for a tour of the multi-player, keep your eyes moving down the page.

Firstly, you should know that the multi-player component of the game is no tacked-on affair, as can often be found with the online elements of shooters that have a deep single-player campaign. A cursory glance at the options and tactics available to you as you get busy trying to fill your opponents with lead, steel and drugs bears that out."

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