PS4 Final Launch Preparations: Everything you need to know

PS4Home: "With the official PS4 launch less than a month away now it’s time to begin prepping and examining all the details concerning game releases as well as the console itself."

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thejigisup2023d ago

Just picked up killzone shadow fall and the ps eye, can't wait to try the playroom. I have the Sony pulse elite, they're amazing and got the vita of course, don't need much more. Can't wait to get my hands on my new console.

Sayai jin2023d ago

ALl I need to know is where to pick my PS4 up...Just kiddin I will be at Game at midnight!

Akuma2K2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I have everything pre-ordered and paid off, i'll get the PS camera later after launch....I have the turtle beach px22 gaming headset.

The PS4 launch can't get here fast enough....

PSG4MER2023d ago

I'm also thinking about getting the camera.

Akuma2K2023d ago

Even if I don't use the camera right away it'll definitely have its uses when more and more games are made for it. I would love to see sports games and racing games to have the face scan for create a player/driver feature thru the use of the PS camera instead of having to use photos you have to upload using usb drive etc...

But I do want to check out the playroom game using the PS camera.

Pepelekill2023d ago

I really liked being able to put my face in Fight Night and Rainbow Six Vegas this gen.

DivineAssault 2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

got my 2 TB HDD, PS4 Eye, & KZ already.. Just need to pick up my console.. Damn i cant wait! I do hope the 45GB mandatory installs dont take forever tho.. I know u can play after a certain point during installation but still.. Also that i have to wait until the update comes out to use my elite pulse headphones.. Thats a bummer but it comes with a mono headset for online play in the meantime so ill live.. 2 FN weeks!!!!!!