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Battlefield 4 hits all the right notes for what it tries to be. It's big, it's dumb and it's loud. It features a ton of unlikeable dude-bro soldiers firing at anything that moves with little remorse in set pieces that would make even Michael Bay jealous.

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lets_go_gunners2031d ago

If you want more battlefield buy it if you're looking for something ground groundbreaking you're shxt outta luck. Luckily I was looking for more battlefield so I got what I wanted.

Now I'm looking forward to destiny and Titanfall even more now.

Fat-Milkers2031d ago

7/10 is a joke.Should be 9/10, it's a solid game.

CannonB82031d ago

Yeah, let's read a review from a website that blatantly says it played the game with cheats activated. And then it goes on to say the game rushes you into things?
Surely it was the fact that the cheats were activated that made you rush into things, probably because you had a God Mode enabled.