I Actually Played This — Quantum Theory

The author intentionally plays bad video games for your twisted amusement. Tonight's Episode: Quantum Theory.

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Goro1810d ago

I don't care what this guy think after he called Way of The Samurai 3 an awful game.

Bigpappy1810d ago

with Quantum Theory, I played the demo and was not impressed. I felt like they were trying to mix Gear of War with Lost Planet, and didn't do either very well. May be someone who never played either would have a blast with it though.

fOrlOnhOpe571809d ago

Yeah, I played the demo too but couldn't finish it....the thought of therapy was too much lol

SyphonELITE1809d ago

damn, i never even heard of this game til now

SolidGear31809d ago

I followed this game forever until I finally came out. I got it and loved every bit of it. Originally supposed to be a PS3 exclusive. It got horrible reviews and I didn't understand any of them. They must've been playing a different game then me!

Spore_7771809d ago

Never played it, never will -_-