Game Revolution: Mirror's Edge PC Preview

Game Revolution writes: "EA's forthcoming Mirror's Edge is a city-spanning action title that takes place in the sort of obligatory futuristic urban sprawl you might find in a William Gibson cyberpunk novel or the dystopia of Blade Runner - but with at least one glaring difference. The stereotypical stylistic copout of the Rainy, Grungy Neon Night has been replaced with Stark, Startling Broad Daylight.

From EA's demo event during the 2008 Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, Mirror's Edge is a cyberpunk take on the contemporary, kinda-sorta urban sport known as 'free running' or, if you want to sound even pooftier about it, 'parkour'. There is a distinction between the two… but the sort of people who would actually bring that up in conversation are routinely atomic-wedgied in most first-world countries.

Players take the role of urban-hottie protagonist Faith, whose job it is in this futuristic urban setting to literally 'run' data or packages from one place to another (in parkour parlance, she would be called a traceuse, the female form of the term traceur). Apparently, the state of electronic surveillance and eavesdropping in the world is such a stranglehold that no information of importance can be trusted to 'traditional' electronic transmission. Runners like Faith and her kin are the only reliable option."

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JDW3832d ago

Hopefully the gameplay is good.

games4fun3832d ago

its made by EA so i will have to wait and see if there are any dlc rippoffs before i buy it, if there are sadly i wont be buying the game although it has a crisp clean look i have never seen before

Descendant3832d ago

It probably won't sell, but made by EA or not this game looks really good for me. I like original games ala Indigo Prophecy, Breakdown, DreamFall etc.