Watch GTA IV being played Live on the Internet

Watch GTA IV being played live streaming through the internet via


Another Live Feed:

Breakfast5514d ago (Edited 5514d ago )

lol...this is too far. Not gonna approve it but i sure will watch it.

Thank you to the contributor.

Edit: This guy sucks at playing video games...

chaosatom3335514d ago

sue him rockstar, just sue him.

Cwalat5514d ago


its not his fault that the retailer sent the game out early...
he can do whatever the fu** he wants... he can post a video walkthrough of the whole game on the web and Rockstar cant do shiiiet... they'd probably get sued for suing him....

toughNAME5514d ago (Edited 5514d ago )

Lag, framerate issues, very bland looking and lacking any warm colours...the attitude of a bored and depressed gamer

This is the PS3 version.

Breakfast5514d ago

No...bad load times, terrible framerate....and the game looks choppy as hell. He cant sign into live...has to be the 360 version...Oh and i forgot the game is played on a slant.

the greatest5514d ago (Edited 5514d ago )

its the 360 version

ps3 will be way better

toughNAME5514d ago (Edited 5514d ago )

He keeps running into invisible walls with cities behind them.

This guy clearly isn't playing the complete version.

Breakfast5514d ago (Edited 5514d ago )

LOL!!! You are a LEGEND...omg...hahaha

You just dethroned Kaz Harai...LOL

Funniest comment of the year right there.

ATLRoAcH5514d ago

I've seen more Frame rate drops and pop in on the 360 vids. There has only been one good quality PS3 video though. So they may both be the same. I guess we'll see.

Darkiewonder5514d ago

When he press Start you'll see the 360 buttons.

toughNAME5514d ago

Look he's not broadcasting anymore...he knows I'm on to him

poopsack5514d ago

lol toughname, theres your dlc!

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red_ring_of_death5514d ago (Edited 5514d ago )

which ver 360 or ps3

update:oh thats why load time sucks

ps3 gta4 is the one to get

the greatest5514d ago

i agree
this is 360 version
frame sucks
ill buy the ps3 version

InYourMom5514d ago

Yeah, get the PS3 version. I don't even think the Character Nikko has arms in the 360 version does he?

I know it takes 30minutes to load, and runs at like 8fps and it will make your 360 catch fire. I hear the PS3 version will suck you off and comes in a solid gold case with real rubbies! I mean I really think the PS3 version is going to be the smoothest and greatest game ever made! EVER! EVER!!! EVA EVA!!

Love - Liar, Liar

InYourMorn5514d ago

you guys are right, PS3 version is the way to do.

Montrealien5513d ago

I'm getting the 360 version and I bet it will sell more in general on the 360. Not being a fanboy here, I just know my ****.

*runs of to play GT5*

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The Closing5514d ago (Edited 5514d ago )

It's the 360 version if notice what they're saying in the chat.

Tough just owned himself, and his system.

Go ahead, and disagree you're just making more of an ass out of yourself. Go ahead, and ask on the chat.

EZCheez5514d ago

For not recognizing the ongoing joke.

Hydrolex5514d ago

seriously man, the FPS is smoother and there are more cars and peds.

InYourMom5514d ago

Yea, I think there is like 1 pedestrian in the 360 version. While I must of counted at least 250,000 in the PS3 version. I guess the cars actually fly in the PS3 version as well and that it is definately the smoothest game ever made. I hear the prostitutes in the PS3 version are actually real and they will give you a hand job if you beat mission 3.

OH and the DLC is already there for the PS3 version it's a whole new city and it's made of gold! A message pops up that says "YOU ARE A PS3 OWNER - YOU ARE GOD - HERE IS THE DLC THE 360 VERSION GETS FOR FREE BECAUSE, WELL YOU ARE SOOOOO COOL AND SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY"

Am I right Hydrolex?

White-Sharingan5514d ago (Edited 5514d ago )

really Inyourmom?


thanks, i was going to get the 360 version but with what u said about the DLC being in the PS3 version i am getting the PS3 version

thank you!!