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GI - "Both Sony and Microsoft have made it clear that, naming semantics aside, the impending dawn of next-gen gaming won't be the end of current-gen gaming. A lot of consumers were relieved to hear it, but I'll be counting down the days to when I can roll my current-gen systems up in an old carpet and chuck them off a bridge (in compliance with EPA guidelines, naturally). Like a decrepit king who has abdicated the throne to a younger, more competent successor, our current-gen consoles should be quietly and quickly snuffed out for the larger good of the kingdom."

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Starbucks_Fan2024d ago

I'd like to see the PS3 last a few more years. It still has plenty of juice left.

guitarded772024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Yeah, Gran Turismo 6 will be huge for me. I'm getting PS4 at launch, but my PS3 isn't going away any time soon.

I'd like to see MS increase support for the 360 with 1st party titles. I expect CoD and the yearly 3rd party to be there for another year, but with only Fable HD the notable 1st party game in the cooker, I'm not as sure about long therm continued support. I just hope they don't pull a Nintendo and kill it off.

Either way, PS3 and 360 will get the bulk of their future games from 3rd party.

AngelicIceDiamond2023d ago

"I'd like to see MS increase support for the 360 with 1st party titles."

I have a really hard time seeing that happening. They'll support multiplats, arcade titles and possibly even F2P titles but full fledged AAA 1st party games will more than like end up on X1.

Or possibly even cross overs like Titan Fall.

BattleAxe2024d ago

Destiny will probably be one of the last games I buy on PS3, but I intend to spend alot of time with that game.

I hope Sony manages to release at least a couple more good first party games for PS3 or PS3/PS4, over the next couple of years.

Yearly releases of Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassin's Creed, and EA Sports titles should keep the system going for at least 3 more years.

Playstationologist2024d ago

Destiny will be a waste on current gen. The game will be a masterpiece on ps4.

BattleAxe2024d ago

I think it's a bit premature to be saying that the game will be a waste on current gen. There have been tons of awesome games on PS3, so why would that change now? When PS3 came along, I was still playing PS2 games that were really great, and I'm sure the same will happen with this transition.

thehitman2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I think Destiny will have much more features on ps4 due to better network structure of the ps4 over the ps3 @ battle. It will probably be still fun but it definitely wont be what the full experience should be like on the ps3. To add it wont look anywhere near it should as well on the ps3 compared to ps4. All destiny footage was ps4 footage.

Jaqen_Hghar2023d ago

Keep the multplats coming but exclusive support should pretty much stop. They've already done MUCH better than the other 2 by supporting their console for SEVEN SOLID years with first launches capped off by GoW: Ascension, LoU, Puppeteer, Beyond, Ratchet, and GT6 which is much better than Nintendo who basically had only Skyward Sword in the last couple years before WiiU came out and MS who basically had Gears Judgement and Halo 4 in the last couple years of 360.

Chrischi19882024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

This article is dumb. The guy really says, that games like Killzone or Dead Rising are not able to run on current gen. The thing is, they are not developed for current gen, but nobody can tell me, that with lowered graphics and all, that it would not run, hell, on the original Wii ran CoD Modern Warefare 3. Of course not with that resolution and all, but nobody can tell me, that the gameplay of Killzone wouldnt be possible on a PS3, if developed for^^

This again shows me, what people expect when they say next gen, but truth to be told, next gen only means, getting the newest games, with improved graphics over current gen. I mean, what in the physics department of Killzone, is not possible on current gen, if we only talk about the gameplay, not the high graphics of course.

guitarded772024d ago

It's not just graphics. Even more than graphics, is moving objects. For example, a game like Knack may (notice I say "may") not be able to run on current hardware in it's current form, even with lower rez textures and what not. Knack is made up of so many parts in his largest form that the PS3 may not be able to run the game. I also don't know that Dead Rising 3 would be able to run with so many zombies on screen.

Chrischi19882023d ago

Of course it can, you can always downscale. Really now, it has nothing to do with this. You can see more zombies, with that kind of physics maybe, that is all. Gameplay wise it is always possible and to think it aint, just shows, how deep the companies have affected you on the whole Next Gen thing. Next Gen, is the same as last gen, with better graphics, disagree with it al you want, but it is just that.

Vanfernal2024d ago

It's probably gonna happen with MS, but not for Sony. Sony has always made good of their promise of supporting their systems. They said that the PS3 would have a 10 year life span and I'm sure they will deliver. Heck! The last PS2 game came out in 2013! I think it's wise to support the people who supported your system throughout the years while they can slowly transition to the current gen. Just pulling the plug will only hurt gamers.

Enigma_20992024d ago

...whatever happened to waiting until you maxxed out the systems? Don't you want to see the PS3 drop down to $99? Aren't you curious to see what devs pull out of their sleeves during the twilight years of the consoles? Are you THAT MUCH of a graphics whore that you want to put them out to pasture already?

rainslacker2023d ago

Unfortunately, history rarely favors devs making something that pushes the system further to such a degree after the next gen starts. Most of those devs move onto the next gen, because there is more power to work with.

Not saying some great games haven't come out for the prior gen after new gens release, just that they don't tend to be pushing the envelope that much. Any PS2 game released after the PS3 was out a year was just to satiate the rather sizable install base that existed around the world, and mostly consisted of casual titles and sports games.

Enigma_20992023d ago

And if they would take that extra power and do something truly impressive with it, maybe that would help to justify their stance. But rarely does it go past better graphics, or "oooh, look how many moving objects we can put onscreen."

Granted, not everyone is gonna make the effort. You're right about that. But I have always, and will always see the rush to next gen as an excuse to keep you paying full price for whatever console they're trying to sucker you into buying next.

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