New PS4 Trailer Shows Hardware Features of the Console, a Minute of Close-up PlayStation Beauty

A new trailer of the upcoming PS4 has just hit the internet, focusing on the features of the console. Not only it shows the lovely piece of kit in all its beauty for about a minute and a half, but it also lists its hardware features.

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pedrof932999d ago

I find it really hard to dislike the Ps4 design.

GarrusVakarian2999d ago

Man, and to think i didn't like the look of that thing when i first saw it. That's a cool looking piece of tech, sharp but sleek.

karl2999d ago

the same happen to me.. i saw it and was like..

meh its ok.. it looks good enough

but now, damn.. that thing is beautiful

Eonjay2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

One sexy piece of tech right there.

Console porn.

Abriael2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

It's the same for me. My first reaction as I was watching the presentation was "it looks like a damn eraser, lol!" I was in a google hangout with my colleagues and we were all laughing about it.

Even Andrew Hose had a slightly weirded out face as he held it.

Now I love it.

AliTheSnake12999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I want an OS/Software features trailer. With new shots of the UI.

serratos272999d ago

Likewise I thought it looked a bit awkward when I first saw it. Don't know what I was thinking because it is gorgeous!

cleft52999d ago

Such a slick, sexy, and powerful design.

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Aleithian2999d ago

I found it funny that people originally complained that it was a box like the XBOX One. ANY console is a "box". Difference is, XBOX is blatantly a box. And an ugly box at that. PS4 is a stylish, gorgeous, sexy piece of box ass.

kenmid2999d ago

Did you really say sexy piece box ass? Wow..

OlgerO2999d ago

I just want to rub my hands all over it

Aleithian2999d ago


Yes, and I stand by it. Dat box ass.

Boody-Bandit2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

"stylish, gorgeous, sexy piece of box ass"

The PS4 is powered by electricity. Just an FYI so you're careful and don't get electrocuted when you get your hands, and hopefully only your hands, on one.

box ass = hysterical

Sayai jin2999d ago

That's a matter of opinion. While I like the design of the PS4, this article has nothing to do with the Xbox.

Playstationologist2999d ago

Xbone could not have less of a'design' to it. I have literally owned better looking vcr's back in the day.

I know it's stupid but the fact that xbone is so ugly is in my top 5 reasons not to buy it.

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moparful992999d ago

I find that the PS4's design is organic and well thought out. Having the disc slot and the power/eject buttons integrated into the recess' in the front adds to the cleaner appearance of the console. Sony has brought all of their hardware prowess to bear on the PS4 and it's paying off..

joeyisback2999d ago

to me it looks more like the PS2 with a few extras it feels like we are in the PS2 days again

pwnsause_returns2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

saw the display kit at the sony store its a very elegant piece of kit while standing.

not to mention, its surprisingly small

SniperControl2999d ago

I know a couple of the lads from my local Game store, they gave me a chance to hold the dummy display case, you are right it is deceptively small(about the same size as a PS3 slim).

Beautiful piece of minimalist engineering, saying that the piano finish surface is a finger smudge magnet.

miklo842999d ago

Looks almost as good as the XBone.

Themba762999d ago

i hope your kidding? I cant tell the difference between x box one and my dvr box.

s8anicslayer2999d ago

I love the design now, but when it was first shown to us at E3 I giggled at it as looked a bit awkward

Kayant2999d ago

Greatness Awaits (Thanks to Eltorro) --->

The design has really grown on me.

SniperControl2999d ago

Ok, i'am confused, why is Samuel L Jackson's face superimposed onto a guy in that gif?

He is one of the 2 guys that appear right after the PS4 emerges from the clouds over NY.

Kayant2999d ago

it's the avatar of a mod at gaf (bishoptl) his arrival usually means shit just got real or people are going to get banned.

bleedsoe9mm2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

reminds me of the ps2 but not so much that it looks old or outdated , but it does look a little more like a toy compared to the xbox one

DeadlyFire2999d ago

I have one issue with it. Hard Drive bay isn't big enough for 2TB hard drive. As they are 15 mm high and the size stated 9.5 mm only offers up to 1 TB hard drive.

So I am hoping external hard drives become an option soon.

SniperControl2999d ago

This may help, but it may have been translated wrong.

This is not gospal, as Sony have stated a 9.5mm HDD.

"Based on the machine-translated German text, the 2.5-inch laptop-style hard drive is held in place with simple Phillips-head screws, so it’ll be simple to remove. Even better, it will fit drives as tall as 12.5mm — substantially more spacious than the PS3′s maximum of 9.5mm"

DeadlyFire2999d ago

Maybe so. I am glad if its supporting the bigger bay. It makes more sense then.

FuturePerspective2999d ago

Just upgrade to a 1TB hard drive and buy discs! Digital downloads of games are usually more expensive and downloading all of your games will ultimately lead to a full HDD. I remember when Assassin's Creed 3 came out; 39.99 in store, but 59.99 on the PS Store..

N82999d ago

After I put my hands on that controller it could have looked like a GameCube and I wouldnt have cared .

Plagasx2999d ago

I still think it looks a little too similar to the PS3 Slim design...

Looks too basic.

2998d ago
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GarrusVakarian2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

*wipes tear away*

Relientk772999d ago

The future comes Nov 15th


Aleithian2999d ago

Enjoy it, Day 1 peeps. The rest of us will wait, slobbering over pics of your PS4 antics.

Campy da Camper2999d ago

I assume your are in Europe? That extra 2 weeks sucks but you guys have killer PLUS deals we don't get. This kind of balances out the console karma Lol.

Aleithian2999d ago


No, I'm in America. But I had to cancel my preorder for financial reasons. Thankfully, looks like I should be able to get one as soon as they come back in stock. :)

PERK7NS2999d ago

My future arrives 29th!

FamilyGuy2999d ago

Find a new user interface video. Something new should pop up soon considering how close we are to release. So far Yosh sitting in a recliner on stage scrolling through it is the newest, most in-depth view we've been shown and that was months ago.

thehitman2999d ago

I am pretty sure there will be booths up soon at local stores to test it out yourself.

FamilyGuy2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

There already are booths up in stores, but those demo kiosk don't really show much of the UI, they're basically just a straight line of the available demos to play. It's as basic as basic gets.

Areas like game settings, videos, apps, friends list, PS Store, Internet Browser and more don't exist on those in store demo versions.

UnrealThreats2999d ago

Finally, something I can get off to.