Telltale Confirms Next-Gen for Future Projects, But Not at Launch

8CN: In a recent Reddit AMA, Telltale Games confirmed that their games would eventually be making their way to next-gen consoles. However, they will not be supporting the PS4 or Xbox One at launch, and told players to "hang on to your 360/PS3 for just a little while longer!"

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PopRocks3592031d ago

At this point Telltale can do whatever the heck they want. As long as I get to play their games, I'm cool.

OlgerO2031d ago

This was to be expected. I really liked the wolf among us!

Baka-akaB2031d ago

I only wish they'd cover the actual Fable comics serie in some season 2 of sort (and 3.. 4 and even 5) . Not just a (still awesome) prequel 20 or so year before .

i've been craving it even more since yesterday , when i learned that the comics serie is ending with issue 150 , next year or so

FogLight2031d ago

The Wolf Among Us is great for now, and they did an awesome job with the Walking Dead Season 1 and can't wait for Season 2.

I am now wondering what is next for them now, and if it will be even better than the Walking Dead.

matrixman922031d ago

I was pretty disappointed to read that there is absolutely no data transfer across platforms. They wont even let you pick what happens from season 1, they just randomize it for you...looks like I will be keeping my 360 for a lot longer. I wonder how this will eventually play out. Do they really expect people to hold onto their current consoles if the series continues to season 3,4,5 etc...

flappersack2031d ago

A data transfer between platforms would be awesome. I was holding out on getting the pass for TWAU, but seeing as it's not on PS4 anytime soon, I'll get it for PS3!

Can't wait for TWD season 2!

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