How to Enable DualShock 4 Support with PC Games

In this video, AnalogHype walks you through how to enable DualShock 4 support in games that normally wouldn't support it.

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sigfredod2025d ago

This is the video i was expecting to see, the DS4 working with actual games on PC

BiggCMan2024d ago

It's still annoying and doesn't have native support. Sony didn't really do anything, the hardware inside the DS4 just natively works as a generic pad on PC so that's why there is problems with it on new games.

jwk942024d ago

They did say it would work as a PC controller, though.

BiggCMan2024d ago

They really didn't Jessey. Someone on Twitter asked Yoshida if DS4 would work on PC (can be thought of as a very generic question). Yoshida's response was simply "Yes", which can be thought of as a very generic answer as in...YES, it will be recognized when you plug it in. There was never a precise answer, and it lead people to assume (at least me), that it would immediately work like 460 controllers do.