Next-Gen Now: watch Battlefield 4 at 1080p60FPS PS4/Xbox One

Digital Foundry (EuroGamer) has posted HQ 1080P clips of Battlefield 4 running at 1080P 60FPS on PS4 and Xbox One. Features "Fishing in Baku"

Warning: files are about 2GB each
1080P Streams are also available. Giving a better representation than YouTube due to quality limitations

Footage can also be played on PS3 for those looking to view it on a larger screen.

Also features 1080P 60FPS PS4 Multiplayer

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Detoxx2028d ago

Thanks but it's not 1080P..

Ezz20132028d ago

from DF:
"These videos aren't exactly light downloads. To retain detail at 1080p60, we've had to allocate bandwidth in the region of 18 megabits per second for PS4, while 15mbps appears to do the job on the Xbox One edit owing to the lower video range of the captures (see our Q+A for more on that) and reduced resolution. In terms of Xbox One, despite the heavy blacks, there's still plenty of bright outdoors gameplay in the edit, giving you some idea of how the 720p native resolution looks when upscaled to 1080p and to what extent it may be an issue for you. To our eyes, post-processed scenes look quite impressive, but high contrast outdoors areas can show up some brutal aliasing. PS4 is not exempt from the effect, but an extra 50 per cent of resolution clearly makes a difference."

vigilante_man2028d ago

Gotta say BF4 looks amazing. Shame if the SP is only 4-5 hours. It has intensity and great environments. Kudos to DICE. They sure are one of the better developers around today.

Onto the PS4/XB1 comparison..

Whilst they both look great compared to PS3/360 the PS4 really stands out. I've watched both "Fishing in Baku" SP videos twice now and the PS4 version is simply stunning. The XB1 version does not handle shadows well at all. It looks much darker and you lose clarity.

The XB1 version has a darker glint that seems unnatural. The PS4 versions is sooo good. They are both worth viewing. I found the torrents to be quicker than the direct downloads.

Conclusion: Well done DICE. Both look a big step up from last gen for the most part. The XB1 looks a bit dodgy in shadows and darker areas but still a great day one purchase for any XB1 owner. The PS4 video shows just how great next gen can be without too many compromises.

jonli12028d ago

how do u know? u put ur face on the screen to tell

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jwatt2028d ago

Where are the xbox one mp videos? It's making me nervous that there are no videos for the XO MP.

Detoxx2028d ago

There are XBone SP videos..

But from looking at the footage it's PC > PS4 > Xbone > PS3 > X360

filipakos2028d ago

there was the showdown? event last night EU vs USA and it was on xbox one

HugoDrax2028d ago

XBOX ONE SHOWDOWN, about an hour long in HD glory.

Detoxx2028d ago

There is a download link on the same website for real native 900P 60FPS footage.

It looks amazing and can't tell the difference between that and PC

Pisque2028d ago

I doubt you can't see a difference, mate. Else you're lying, else you gotta see an optometrist.

decrypt2028d ago

BF4 isnt really a next gen game. Since its designed with limitations of current consoles. Once true next gen games are out xb1 will be playing them at sub 720p ps4 will be down to 720p meanwhile pc will be running 1080p and 4k. Hence as soon as true next gen appears the diff between Pc and console will show itself again.

Pisque2028d ago

Thanks, but not in 1080p....

Detoxx2028d ago

Take a look yourself bro.

Download the "Playstation 4: Multiplayer (903MB)

Detoxx2028d ago

Download link for real 60FPS/1080P PS4 footage.

Download the "Playstation 4: Multiplayer (90MB)"

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phoenix_dusk2028d ago

Not to mention the crushed blacks. Ewwwww! Kill it with fire! :P

Kayant2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Yh this is still the messed up footage from before :( Can't wait to see it the better capture for both.

But yh the crushed blacks on XB1 are f**king ridiculous you can hardly see any detail.

4lc4pon32028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

the XBone version looks awful.

ABizzel12028d ago

Stop it. It doesn't look awful, compared to what we had on the PS360 it's an improvement, but the PlayStation version looks better, and the lack of AA in the XBO version is unforgivable (or poor upscaling).

4lc4pon32028d ago

thats understandable but look at the year here. its 2013 there is no reason Graphics cant be greater especially for the $500 price tag.

Yes I am a PC gamer with a very high end PC running 5760K resolution so I did not expect consoles to come even close to what I am outputting but so far yes the PS4 looks far better but I did expect alot better from M$ since they have massive loads of money.

But then I remembered that while back microsoft stated this:

"Microsoft's Engineers On Xbox One: "We Purposefully Did Not Target The Highest End Graphics."

"We targeted it more as a broad entertainment player."

Angels37852028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Even this article ^^^ still claims a superior ps4 version and the crushed blacks on xbox one. They literally say "crushed blacks". The only shred of an argument xbox fans had from this article they changed. Wait till the df comparisons..when they make the same claim.

Look how the detail dissappears on the ledge in front on xbox one and the side of the window looks flat on the xbox one versio.

sigfredod2028d ago

Fast! pour acid on those, lol

GTgamer2028d ago

That Xone version looks dark ashell and dear god don't zoom in.900p>720p end of discussion.

RIP_Cell2028d ago

reading these comments, how are people able to enjoy current gen games in sub 720p and sub 30fps when games in PC have been in 1080p the last 5 years?

Ezz20132028d ago

because those games you are talking about was running on 8 years old consoles
it was understandable

while those are next gen consoles
720p should die with this gen

phoenix_dusk2028d ago

Did you know the abacus was once the most powerful computer in the world? Yeah now you know.

Sitdown2028d ago

So because it's understandable it can be enjoyable. Haha.. what?

scofios2028d ago


these are exclusive jaggies .
Only on Xbox :-)

TheRealTedCruz2028d ago

Not even joking.
I don't even find BF4 worth playing with One's visuals.

RAGE912028d ago

This is still the footage from the unfinished version missing the AO. There is MP footage of BF4 on XboxOne and it looks just fine, as does PS4 and PC. Thats battlefield for you, truly stunning game.

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Kingthrash3602028d ago

change that deceptive title please. gunnna get hits for people thinking x1/ps4 is running 1080p 60fps

Kayant2028d ago

Stream quality is shit when you got full screen but it's 60fps like gamespot's player :). I hope the quality when downloaded will be better. Thanks Eonjay.

ELCUCO2028d ago

PS4 looks like it holds up pretty good against PC. Wish it was native 1080p but 900>720 anyday.

Tzuno2028d ago

you have to comfort yourself in a way when you are hurt. Or you can buy a PC.

Software_Lover2028d ago

I beg to differ.

Not saying this is the case but.........

900 with effects off < 720p with all effects

Garuda332028d ago

jaggies and crushed blacks are not effects.

Software_Lover2028d ago


I said I'm not talking about the XBone/PS4.

Everything is not Sony vs Microsoft. I was speaking in general. Its obvious the XBone has the lesser version than the PS4 in this game. I was speaking in general terms (PC mainly).

Some of you need to go outside more

MasterCornholio2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

The PS4 version has more effects than the Xbox One version especially SSAO.

P.S I know they said that they would include SSAO in the Xbox One version but the video they showed didn't contain it.

Edit: You have to be careful with your comments because people on N4G know that the PS4 version is 900P and the Xbox One version is 720P. When they read your comments they will think that your making claims that the PS4 version has all the effects turned off while the Xbox One has them all on. But the truth is the Xbox One version is running at 720P with some effects missing while the PS4 version is running at 900P with almost everything turned on. The best version is the PC version which is capable of running at 4K provided that you have a beastly rig that can handle it.

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