Warner to release a Blu-ray title before it's available on DVD

Warner leads the home media market, and like any leader it is always looking for the next big movie to improve it's sales. It makes sense to EngadgetHD that a good way to promote Blu-ray -- and thus the future of the home media market -- is to make new releases available in HD before their SD counterparts, but EngadgetHD wonders what the rest of the SD world will think of this. It is hard to say if Warner's decision to release the Jack Black movie Be Kind Rewind on Blu-ray on June 10th -- a full week before it's available on DVD -- is one of these tests.

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puki3828d ago

It's a no brainer really, one week isn't gonna make much difference though. Should be more like 2 weeks to a month.

Cynical-Gamerzus3827d ago

Forget before SD transfer, how about a week after their theatrical release!!
Lets see ,People now have a 50 +inch 1080p set with PCM 5.1-7.1 Audio recievers,a PS3 which is capable of everything media related.
What the Hell do these Movie theaters have??

Its time to change the game!!!!