EA Wants You To Feel Like Their Games Are a Steal

KT:Many years ago, Andrew Wilson, the new boss of Electronic Arts, met rap impresario Russell Simmons. The man behind Run DMC, LL Cool J and other classic hip-hop artists said something that stuck with Wilson.

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GarrusVakarian2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

They are a steal.....from OUR wallets.

Online passes, cut content, day one dlc, micro transactions, milking our beloved franchises. I miss anything?

NYC_Gamer2679d ago

100% agree,EA ruins franchises and charges for content that should have been included.

Kingthrash3602679d ago

they charge max prices for games they nba live 14 for example.

pixelsword2679d ago

For a game to be "a steal" EA would simply have to lower the price.

...anything else won't be.

zeal0us2679d ago

You forgot kill franchise. Just look at MoH and Command and Conquer.

Kyosuke_Sanada2679d ago

Don't forget Dead Space....

pyramidshead2679d ago

My heart literally breaks for Dead Space.

It shatters more so knowing I'll probably buy the fourth as well lol.

Hope they take it back to the horror roots and discontinue co-op.

Rageanitus2679d ago

I did'nt mind Dead space moving towards more action. The problem with dead space 3 was it was tooo open to create your own weapons.

Detoxx2679d ago

They are going into the righ direction..

There are no more online passes. Now the rest..

t3gamenews2679d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

you will never know the meaning of milking a franchises unless you owned those ea franchise on a Nintendo console. :/

OmegaShen2679d ago

Online passes are gone, only that EA seems to be failing at is making sure there big titles run good online.

Can't say how many times I got a black screen, lag or system freeze from BF4 OMP.

IVanSpinal2679d ago

i miss Def Jam Fight For NY :(

BuLLDoG9092679d ago

Yeah, good luck with that EA, charging 69.99euros for a game on psn that could be bought at a store for 49.99e.
Fukn clowns...

nugnugs2679d ago

And barely ever drop the price for sales etc.

NeoTribe2678d ago

They managed to destroy plants vs zombies 2 with tons of expensive microtransactions. Instead of outright buying it for 3.99 or whatever now every plant tower is 4 bucks each....

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FogLight2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Yohoo! The ghosts of Dead Space, MoH, Mass Effect, CoC and more games are saying hello EA!

TwistingWords2679d ago

My daughter loves The Sims 3 and she has purchased pretty much all of the expansions to the game...

It's you EA who wears the balaclava.

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