Microsoft Wants Gears of War to Come to Xbox One

It would be a shame for Gears of War to end on the note of Judgment, a game many of us would like to forget. Gears of War still has much story to tell.

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GarrusVakarian2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Of course they do, Gears was Microsoft's flagship series along with Halo. They would be stupid not to bring it back and miss out on the stupendous amount of $$$$$ it would bring. If it turns out to be as much fun as i had on Gears 3 Multiplayer, then bring it on i say.

WalterWJR2997d ago ShowReplies(11)
GarrusVakarian2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Yeah, this website is my ENTIRE life..../s

Not my fault that my life doesn't consist of working 9 hours a day in a dead end job that i hate, is it?

And actually, GAMING is my life, so of course im going to spend a lot of time here. Waiting patiently for next gen. Then ill be too busy PLAYING games instead of TALKING about them.

SilentNegotiator2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Why is everyone attacking Lukas_Japonicus?

Nolando2997d ago


I am 99.99% sure we will see a new gears on XO in a year MAYBE two if what they say about giving it a break is true.

But one thing I didn't like from Microsoft the last two gens was the fact they have started and owned a few IPs that I loved and just let it sit or die... mainly MECH ASSUALT, CRIMSON SKIES (LOOOOOOVED), and Kameo. also they own perfect dark wtf they are sitting on so many good ips!

maybe they will resurrect some more games seeing as how they brought KI back from the dead.

LackTrue4K2997d ago

I love gears of war!!! In my eyes it the best game on Xbox 360.
If a new game gets made, hope they bring it to the playStation4.

Kingthrash3602997d ago

first i heard that ms said "Gears is irreverent"
now that epic is talking ps4 they changed their tune...smh

generalthadeape2996d ago


I like Gears of War waaaaaaay more than Halo.

If there ever was a way for me to play it on PS4, I'd love to hear about it!

creatchee2997d ago

Gears hasn't run its course, but it does need a little break. I hope that they wait long enough to figure out the X1 hardware so that no compromises or excuses can be made.

Tctczach2997d ago

I concur with WalterWJR. Kind of sad.

Hicken2996d ago

Doesn't do you a lot of good to concur with someone who's off-base.

Tctczach2996d ago

Why? Because I feel like someone would be better off getting a life rather than sitting on this website all day? Ok, that sounds logical.

Hicken2996d ago

... Because Walter was off base, as I said. If you're agreeing, then you're just as wpresumptuous as he is. Kind of sad.

Tctczach2996d ago

No. It's sad to spend a whole day on here and say it's your entire life. There is so much more than sitting on a site for the comments. If that makes me sound like a bad person so be it. Go to college or a trade school and get an 8 hour job you love. You can do all of that and still have time to enjoy video games.

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cyclindk2996d ago

We just worry about you is all, what are parents for?

Real_gamer2996d ago

Omg seriously wat is wrong with Sony fan boys he just said he liked gears of war 3 and everyone saying BS about him please do get life Sony fan boys if u r gamer at least spend some times on ur console not coming to N4G and try to ruin someone opinion about the game which he likes and it's not on ps console that's one of the reason I won't join ps community because is full of immature and rude and selfish fans

lilbrat232996d ago

I'm so sick of Gears and Halo bring something new to the table. Sheesh

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colt-of-tipton2997d ago

Would be cool if they based the next game on actual emergence day so we could see how the COG first fought the locusts.

lets_go_gunners2997d ago

No!!! No more prequels! We move forward, can't risk another GOW:Judgement.

iceman13462997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

they only have gears of war and halo

Evil_Abed2997d ago

> Knack ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

iceman13462997d ago

yeah keep complaining about knack it will score and sell better than ryse

Deadpoolio2997d ago

Scratch that they only have Forza and Halo.....Epic owns the Gears IP...So technically since Micro$haft just said Gears is basically irrelevant and ran it's course, Epic could decide to go ahead then and put Gears on PS4.....

TheGrimReaper00112996d ago

What about Viva Pinata 2 for xbox one? =P

DOMination-2996d ago

Already released on 360 and it was a great game

falviousuk2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

your all right, Ms only have Forza and Halo

They absolutely DO NOT have

Kinect Sports series
Project Gotham Racing
Perfect Dark
Alan Wake
Black Tusk Game (who knows what this is)
Kinect Adventures
State of Decay
Viva Pinata

There are mmore games that MS DO NOT HAVE. A quick google and you will find them, a lot of Rara back catalog, as well as Lionhead and MS own catalog are all available to them.

But you keep spouting your fanboy crap.

monkey6022996d ago

And as much as i loved some of those titles. Alan wake in particular that list is pathetic. Those titles date back to the 360 launch window with kameo and crackdown. You would think spanning the best part of a decade that list would stretch much further. I loved my first year or two with my xbox then it got left for dust in a sea of multiplats i could play online for free on my ps3. Halo 4 was the only game to bring me back for a brief period.
History is repeating itself with the xbox one if you ask me with microsoft bringing forth their exclusives from current gen to next with ryse and dead rising 3. As usual they dont seem to look into thenlong term they want to rope us in now to be forgotten again in a few years. I could be proven wrong and would be delighted to have to admit it but i wont bite just yet this time

falviousuk2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

@monkey all of those games are ripe for a new version now, I persoanlly would love to see another viva pinata, perfect dark and Kameo and as for An xbox one version of crackdown would be excellent, as long as its better than crackdown 2.

I was really just trying to make a point that MS do have a larger catalog at thier disposable than the sony fanboys would try to have other people believe.

MS also have their own Microsoft studios titles they could draw upon, such as their excellent RTS WW2 game (name escapes me as im typing this)

monkey6022996d ago

Agreed i think they are all well overdue. But theyve been left for years with nothing. Instead forza. Halo and gears have been churned out over and over. I would have loved pgr5 instead of another forza. Be careful wishing for another viva pinata though. Trouble in paradise was the very same as the first and i was bitterly dissapointed. Microsoft need to take more risks. For a few years now with the exception of halo 4 there have been no games i felt i must have an xbox for. And with third party i need to know i wont play these alsewhere sonetime to warrant a 2nd console purchase. E.g. bioshock. mass effect. Condemned and many others

DinoNYC2996d ago

Crackdown is good, Infamous is better.
Fable went to trash after the 2nd in 2008.
Kinect Sports is trash. Get a wii or something for that.
Forza/Gotham is a joke in comparison to Gran Turismo.
Perfect Dark was good, but compare it to Spyro, Crash, FF7, etc. for PSN.
Alan Wake is good, but Heavy Rain is better.
Other games mentioned were trash.

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GraveLord2996d ago

Gears of War IP is owned by Epic Games.
They could put it out as an exclusive on PS4 if they wanted to.

Cueil2996d ago

but they wont.. the brand is tied up with Microsoft and Microsoft has shown a willingness to get behind a game far more then Sony...

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wtopez2997d ago

All Gears games should be on PC.

Midgus2997d ago

this i would like, cba to buy a xbone lol

OsirisBlack2997d ago

They better hope this isn't Epic games big announcement at the PS4 conference seeing as Epic actually owns the IP. Also Didn't Microsoft just say that Gears is not relevant anymore?

Brix902996d ago

Seems like MS were distancing themselves from Epic and another Gears title after Judgement even Phil says he was disappointed. So I wonder if that pushed Epic to make a game for Sony.