Sessler's Soapbox: WiiWare Is Coming!

When the Wii first hit shelves in November of 2006, everyone was excited about the door of motion control that had just been opened. According to the commercials we saw leading up to that holiday season, the possibilities seemed endless.

Now, we're a year and half in and it seems that aside from Nintendo, developers seemed to have been more interested in wedging in motion-controlled moments to otherwise conventional videogames rather than trying to get the heart of what the Wii can actually do. Well, that's why WiiWare is here, and that's what's got Adam excited in this week's Sessler's Soapbox.

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M_Prime3856d ago

i like how he says "the future looks good" and he makes a lot of interesting points too. Since these guys have little experience with other platforms and are not accustomed to just a regular 360 controller then i believe they will make a game based on the wiimote.. not a game and then assign waggle to button presses.. though in Galaxy that worked really well..

desolationstorm3856d ago

Im excited by the games coming out. They just look interesting and differnt. He does have a lot of good points here one of his best soap boxes though not really one that wasnt easy to see. Gonna be getting some good games on here I beleive.

SL1M DADDY3855d ago

With any console that sell very well, you will always see a huge increase in shovelware. Look at the PS2, it had tons of it and finding the gems was tough in the midst of all the rubble. Same will and is happening with the Wii. There are a ton of games out but 95% of them are garbage. Typically this can be ok for a console like Sony's but for Nintendo, they have a tendency to desire the king's crown in games for their own platform so we will see that the 5% of good games for the Wii will be first party titles and few 3rd party titles in the top scores. Hopefully, once devs start utilizing the Wii for what it truly is, then we will see games made to offer up a more involving experience rather than the titles we see today where they make a game and slap on some rinky-dink Wii-mote controls.

ItsDubC3855d ago

Agreed. Most ppl on N4G conveniently forget that the PS1 and PS2 had loads of shovelware and act like it's a Wii-only phenomena.

Kholinar3855d ago

It's like the weather. You can have a beautiful day and then two days that are overcast and people will say, "OMG, I'm so sick of this dreary weather, it's been like this forever," or "Man, it hasn't rained in weeks, we're going to have a drought" when really it rained twice last week.

People only remember the good about their consoles after the fact. They don't remember the shovelware that upped the percentage so there could be great titles. If 95% of everything (music, movies, games) is crap, then you can either have 1000 games with only 50 great titles or 3000 games with 150. You're not going to change the percentage of crap, that's one certainty.

PS360WII3855d ago

Yes WiiWare really seems like it is hitting the ground running ^^